I am in all honesty, one of the most stupid people who exist on planet earth.

I believe in people and trust them to levels wherein they can hurt me deeply.
I refuse to lose hope, until all energy is drained out of me.
I refuse to confront, and it is understood as I am incapable of a retort.
I cannot ‘draw a line’ between frienship and professionalism
Not matter how much I try, I cannot talk less.
I am always open to be taken advantage of, time and again without any learnings.

If I could only wake up one morning, strong and brave and unaffected by the trivia called people who I have given the opportunity to make me feel this way.

If only I could block out their voices and words and pretend as though they do not exist.

If only I could throw away all that I thought were memories of happier times, but in reality, is just a charade.

To more trials and suppressed anger which I wish I can emerge from as stronger and more confident.

2 thoughts on “Stupid

  1. hmm.. ye to ati-vikat samasya hai! and by what you've written, it's difficult for you to change. so the only way out is to adopt the this-too-shall-pass attitude :)! the other alternative is food, more specifically chocolate/mishti 🙂

  2. @ Aditi: Yes, I must listen to more Bob Marley and apply to my life! Thanks for reading 🙂

    @ Naween Bhaiya: Difficult seems to be an understatement at times. Yes, no matter how strongly I feel against it, I will hold to the path of 'ignore-and-walk-over'. The second option though more lard enducing, is rather enticing 😀

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