I am in all honesty, one of the most stupid people who exist on planet earth. I believe in people and trust them to levels wherein they can hurt me deeply.I refuse to lose hope, until all energy is drained out of me.I refuse to confront, and it is understood as I am incapable of a retort.I cannot ‘draw a line’ between frienship and professionalismNot matter how much I try, … Continue reading “Stupid”


A post I came across and had to share. Couldnt be a more precise reflection of my thoughts and that of several around me. Not to forget to mention my affinity with the title of the post. “I work at a shit agency(aka firm).The client treats us as shit.My work timings are shit.We do shitty work.Management is shit.The pay is shit.It’s in a shitty neighborhood.Our new business record is shit.It’s … Continue reading “Shit”

( ng g r)

Anger is the point where all sense stops. Have heard of the experience from several people; when angry, most of the things done or said are regretted either immediately or later. But that doesn’t stop people from being angry, for others to be responsible for causing that anger, or at times to egg on the cause. The management of the said anger is the key. How does one control or … Continue reading “( ng g r)”

Ramblings of the troubled mind

Have you ever had the feeling of non-belonging? The very same one which makes you feel as though everything’s lost. That palace of playing cards that you’ve been building for as long as you can remember has just been knocked over by a gush of wind, and it has all been undone. Living in a world where everyone’s a stranger. What it does to your morale when you find yourself … Continue reading “Ramblings of the troubled mind”

Observation chronicles

Increasingly, the human race is heading towards loner-ville. Several discussions and studies of behavioral patterns have proven that each individual is increasingly enhancing their belief in the sanity within oneself. Self sufficiency has an all new definition with regard to the disregard of people around oneself as thanks to technology and other distractions; we supposedly no longer need people around us. Well, it’s pleasant if they exist and show themselves … Continue reading “Observation chronicles”


Happiness is fleeting. As is any other feeling. Sometimes it feels like that the choices we make are the most difficult things we do. To be able to understand why we subject ourselves to the T junction at all is what I contemplate. Why cannot it be, that we find a solution wherein we do not have to sacrifice what we want as well as what is expected of us. … Continue reading “Fleeting”