Solo è buono

I have always skeptical of loneliness as a concept. I have evolved over the years and now I quite enjoy my alone time; In fact, I quite look forward to it. I’m rather fond of travelling along – metro stations, airports, taxis to buses and autos; I love eating alone with a book; Walking on my own with my music is the best form of relaxation. Going to watch a movie on my own I have yet not conquered, but the thought of it does not seem so revolting anymore.

Came across a report on why one should travel alone – to destinations. It triggered a thought that I’m way to accommodating at most times (said with utmost humility). Mostly, I compromise in the process – not that I mind much, but the following points have quite convinced me to travel on my own and although I have always enjoyed the company of people I have been on trips with, a solo experience would definitely be worth a trial.

So here goes – 10 reasons on why one should travel alone:

1. You can go where you want. Sometimes it might be difficult to settle on a destination and someone ends up being disappointed

2. You can do what you want. Whether you’re traveling with an elderly parent, a child or a couch potato, when traveling with others, activity preferences are frequently dissimilar

3. You can eat where you want. Some palettes tend to be very liberal and experimental and others lean towards meat and potatoes

4. You don’t have to listen to others complain. If you’re traveling companion wants his egg cooked to perfection and detests long lines at attractions, you’re bound to hear complaints (And I’ve seen my share of the complaining-aunts on trips!)

5. It’s easier to meet people. If you tend to speak to strangers and enjoy meeting locals, then solo travel is magic

6. There’s no one snoring in your ear or making a mess in the bathroom. We all have quirks and/or traits that others find irritating, but when on your own, you avoid these irritations (Dry bathroom, yay!)

7. You can travel and walk at your speed. Constantly adjusting your pace to match someone else’s is no fun (I’ll be glad – I seem to walk at snail pace)

8. You can sleep late or get up early. An early bird and a night owl traveling together don’t mix

9. You can travel last minute. Some of the best deals can be found when your plans are flexible

10. The feeling of accomplishment you gain during and after a solo trip is very rewarding

I feel I would not do my photography absolute justice as I am partial to clicking people unlike my ‘kudewale’ friends :), but I should tread newer paths as well – with the right weather and technological advancements, it sounds like great fun!

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  1. Nice thoughts … But I disagree a bit

    Isn't it good to have someone to listen to you when you are excited about the places you visit during travel? doesn't it offset so many negatives associated with travelling with some company?

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