Do you concur?

In a multitude of situations I find myself bewildered by the subject of intellect. Sometimes combined with intelligence and plain taste.

On innumerable instances I’m duped by my own inability to judge and refrain from keeping the company of those who clearly do not deserve it. Not to say that they are less intelligent or of a lower intellect – my opinion is just that they are on a different tangent. I inevitably land onto curves which I should most definitely stay away from, a disease which I succumb to rather frequently. Lamenting and regret often follow but to no constuctive end.

One of my greatest fears is to be stuck for life with a personpeople on that different tangent. The claustrophobic environment following that is difficult to even imagine. It happens to me sometimes and shakes me up completely. My demand is not that everyone I befriend should be on the same page as me – listen to the same music, enjoy the same things; its not cloning that I desire. There are, however those finer nuances which just have to match.

My fears are those I cannot ever speak about – not even complain, because they’re difficult to grasp. Do you concur?