World, Hold On…

You know that feeling when there’s so much you want to do but there seems to be strings tying you down?
That terrible ache when you see the world doing things that you’ve dreamt of?
That sinking thought which enters your head sometimes and whispers – “Maybe it’ll never happen for you.”?
That disappointment you feel when you’ve planned an entire trip and then have to erase it from your mind completely.
I find it extremely painful to know that the world is not equal. That some people have more than the others. I believe that if everyone had the same amount – everyone would have just enough to live their lives and dream big.
Why isn’t it possible to be fearless? I hate being afraid. I hate strings that hold me back. I hate knowing that there is only so much I can do. That sometimes its up to other people to decide whether I can live a part of my life or not.
At times like these, I dare to hope.
To make a wish, take a chance, make a change and hope.