This has happened to me before.  The getting overtly attached to people and places.  Watching them inch away and stare helplessly. And then doing it all over again.  In the past two years, TV series have sort of replaced my social life.  The characters have become friends – faces that I look forward to seeing everyday.  I laughed aloud at their silly pranks. And sobbed quietly when they hurt and … Continue reading “Euphoria…”


How long do you turn a blind eye to indifference How can you just let things be How can you continue to deal with being replaceable How should you cope And, how must you let go Today. This moment. It’s just you. Alone. Standing at crossroads. You can choose to drag all the weight along, or – you could be free Free of the constant anxieties Free of that feeling … Continue reading “Betwixt”


The sky is a shade of crimson The winds are so strong that people are running for cover The lightning cracking down like a whip And the thunder is growling back in response The calm before the storm has passed The rains are here. The once or twice a year ones. How can I not rejoice? Tried to not waste too much time today attempting to capture the perfect lightning … Continue reading “Cloudburst”


Don’t trust so easy Don’t wait by the phone Don’t fall too fast Don’t tell people how you feel Don’t draw the curtains Don’t let go of reality Don’t play Secret Santa Don’t intrude Don’t dream and say ‘Maybe, this could be it’ Don’t play that song on loop Don’t read that message and smile to yourself Don’t nurse the hurt Don’t give yourself away Don’t even think about it.

Is it time?

Do you know that feeling when a song suddenly changes scale, and everything is just taken to the next level? When you turn the page of a book, and everything you knew is shattered to bits The moment when you overhear something that you should have never known. That feeling when you look at someone driving away, and you’re almost certain things will never be the same That’s happening to … Continue reading “Is it time?”

World, Hold On…

You know that feeling when there’s so much you want to do but there seems to be strings tying you down?   That terrible ache when you see the world doing things that you’ve dreamt of?   That sinking thought which enters your head sometimes and whispers – “Maybe it’ll never happen for you.”?   That disappointment you feel when you’ve planned an entire trip and then have to erase … Continue reading “World, Hold On…”