Seems like just the other day that I was packing bags and cartons to send via Gati to Kolkata.
Only last week that I walked into the cabin at Edelman India to say goodbye.
Just the last weekend that I had such a gloriously drunken time with the girls at home.
And just like that I look at the calendar and it’s been a month at Zeenah today. It’s a funny feeling.
I don’t know whether to be surprised at the fact that four weeks have rushed by. Or whether to wonder why I keep regular tabs on Edelman and what happens there.
I haven’t written much about my work here, at Zeenah PR.
So well, we’re a team of seven – Three Omanis. One Syrian. One English. One New Zealander. Two Indians.
Quite the fruit salad, no?
We handle communications for The Zubair Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in the Sultanate.
It’s crazy and hectic to say the least. But we have our moments.
The Omani girls – Alya and Khadija teach me spoken Arabic. They also bring me Kit-Kat and sugared crackers after lunch. They’re lovely girls.

I am the official translator and scribe in the English language.
Rather drastic change in job description, but its different everyday and I like it
There isn’t much interaction with people apart from these guys (an area where I miss Edelman Delhi sorely) and the language barrier is a definite sore point.
That apart, everything seems to be under control. The work visa has been stamped, the resident card is in my wallet, the Bank Muscat account has been created – the driving license will follow soon.
One month down the line – I’m okay J

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  1. Thank you Ronjon 🙂

    And Akshay, yes – I know. The change was almost at the same time. Mubarak ho. The best season in Delhi awaits you 🙂

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