It’s such a big world out there. But as different as we are, there are some things that remain the same no matter what we look like, or what language we speak. When Maroon 5 asked their fans to send in videos that they would create a montage from, for their new son – they called it the ‘Daylight Project’ . They asked them to share what was important to them … Continue reading “Overexposed”

Do Kindness!

Yesterday was ‘World Kindness Day’ – something that I have frankly never heard of before. Have you? So when Rebecca, my colleague sent me a ‘Thank You’ email for several things including my ‘general niceness’, I couldn’t help but ponder about why we don’t do this more often. I think kindness is a very under-estimated and rather ignored virtue. I don’t hear people teaching their children to be kindhearted, neither … Continue reading “Do Kindness!”


One year ago, today I stepped into the minaret shaped door of my current firm, having returned to the city I grew up in. I thought it would be tougher. More trying. I’ve been surprised. But despite the odds, the last year has been a good one, I have to say. I’ve not been the most satisfied on the career front. That remains the only sore point. I spent quality … Continue reading “Already?”


Seems like just the other day that I was packing bags and cartons to send via Gati to Kolkata. Only last week that I walked into the cabin at Edelman India to say goodbye. Just the last weekend that I had such a gloriously drunken time with the girls at home. And just like that I look at the calendar and it’s been a month at Zeenah today. It’s a … Continue reading “Month-old”

Time Of Our Lives

To think of it, seems like only yesterday that I walked into the office of a rather unknown firm – a R & PM Edelman. I had never heard of them, not before I had begun organising internships for my public relations batch at college. By the end of the college year, in a whirl, I had interviewed with them, got selected and chose Gurgaon as a desired geography. Although … Continue reading “Time Of Our Lives”