Special Chabbis!

It’s not every day that one turns twenty six. 

It is also not common for me to have time on hand to write a proper elaborate birthday post. But this year I do, and I thought I would reflect on how lovely April 08 has been for me, over the years.

What better way to do it, than with pictures. 
Through the years, Ma and Baba went out of their way to make the day the most special for me. Presents, parties, and confetti! It makes me smile, thinking of the excitement at not having to wear the school uniform to school for one day in a year, the immense happiness of return gift shopping, birthday cards that I would receive by mail and the sheer joy of carefully unwrapping presents!
So this year, I scoured through family albums to find memoirs. I haven’t been able to locate one for every year, but I’m quite impressed with my scattered timeline.

Where it all started – Ma’s god bharai/  baby shower 🙂
First birthday in Calcutta.
The cake was designed as a zoo! Ha.
And we’re two! 
We skip to ’94, and a Donald Duck cake. Quack!
Cut to 10 years of age.
Love the picture for Ma’s expression –
I had just smashed cake on my Pakistani neighbour Asma’s face! 😀
The age when I should have gotten my Hogwarts letter! 1998.
Almost a teen! Home party with friends and family friends. Happy 12.
Turning 15 with blessings aplenty!
Last of the teens in Pune.
Life-size bouquet courtesy Kanishk! 🙂
2007 was grand with Mimi, Rashi and Kanishk.
And of course, an exclusive copy of Still Reading Khan (SRK). Sigh.
The year I bought my own birthday cake. 21 was all grown up.
❤ Monginis!
2009. The birthday in Lavale.
With three different cakes!
The twenty-third in Muscat!
PS: The cake was purple. Yum.
2011 was one of the nicest birthdays.
Clandestine gift operations. Route 69. My much loved photo frame.
The best team ever. â¤
The two dozen plus one in 2013. Last one in Gurgaon.
Miss these guys so much.
And finally, turning twenty six! Like one of my dearest friends pointed out to me last night, I value word and prayer over anything material – as I stood on my window sill thinking of all the beautiful people I know, I truly realise how lucky I am. Lucky to have the best parents any child could ask for, a loving family and a bunch of friends who have made every single day of our friendship worth remembering. 

Thank you, God. 
Mother dearest 🙂
Baba’s birthday awkwardness 🙂
Mango and Givenchy! Yay!

PS: I never really take leaves on birthdays, and love celebrating at work. But this one at the office definitely tops the charts! Nobody has any idea why I keep stepping out every five minutes to take calls! 
Happy Birthday to me! 😀

6 thoughts on “Special Chabbis!

  1. Pagol.. 😀
    I love the 'two' and 94 photos.. the 94 one is like "chuckle chuckle (Pluto laugh! ) I got to cut the cake not you!!! " 😀

  2. What treasure! Loved the pictures, especially 1, 2, and '94. And of course, 2012 was good too. 😛

    Glad you had a good day yesterday. Different, but good, as I understand. 🙂

    Cheerio, Priyam! Visit soon.

  3. @ Aiyo: Haha, yes – 94 is rather cheeky 😀

    @ Meera: Thank you, thank you 🙂

    @ RB: I know! Yes, 2012 was very special – missed you guys on the day – last year was so much fun. I will, Bhardwaj – visit soon.

    @ Naween Bhaiya: Yay! Oman Flour Mills. Kaafi acche hain woh 😀

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