A Ceylon Odyssey

I’m usually known to procrastinate specific things in life like exercise, collecting on finances and making phone calls among others, but I feel most guilty when I delay writing travelogues. From personal experience, I feel that the memories and trivia are most fresh within the week of returning from a trip, making it the opportune moment to pen it down for memory’s sake. It has been over two months to … Continue reading “A Ceylon Odyssey”

Until The Very End…

Because sometimes in your life, you get swept away by a story.  An idea that doesn’t stop your eyes from glinting, even as you grow up.  Come every 31st day of the month of July – I am reminded even more of the magic.   J.K. Rowling rightly said that some stories stay with us forever.  Until the very end.  Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.

Happy Birthday, Ma.

❤ There can never be enough said about what a blessing you are. At 57, you are more fabulous and full of life, as ever. In my prayers, I thank the heavens. And hope that I might be able to become more like you some day.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Today marks eighteen years to the day that the bespectacled boy-who-lived, discovered who he was, and there has no looking back ever-since! It has also been a year to the release of the final installment of the cinematic counterpart also came to an epic close. It was a rather emotional moment, causing me to write this post.   But the years have passed, and we have been made to believe that Harry is now … Continue reading “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”

Happy To Me

A lot of phone calls, a birthday card from Ma-Baba, many blessings later I am twenty five plus two days and floating in the happiness of being given a fabulous Canon 50 mm lens for portraits (Courtesy: Aditya, Ankita, Richa, Milan and Vidha) , a spanking new purple watch (Thank you, Basu), a Jack-in-the-box who says ‘I Love You’, a stuffed toy croc and a lovely FastTrack bag (Thank you, Shoita) , … Continue reading “Happy To Me”

A New Place

This post is from a new place, a new computer and a new environment. There are no longer hills with vegetation, no cool breezes in the evenings, not every face I see, I can recognise, neither is there a feeling that ‘Yeah, I’ve been here forever!’ Not that I am complaining. Just that the air is so much more charged wih change – and more is coming, I know it; … Continue reading “A New Place”

March, the 4th

The date changes to March in the calender, and I am already excited. April is my most favourite month, for more than obvious reasons; I was born in it, and so was a nephew and a neice. Plus, I havent met too many unpleasant Arians; we are quite a nice lot! This post, however, is dedicated to the fourth of March. A very special date in my life. The birthday … Continue reading “March, the 4th”