Day 10# Oops.

Embarrassing moments. Yes, I’ve had those. Quite frequently actually. Tripping on the street, slipping on – yes – not so slippery spaces, horrifying typos in text messages, dropping food on strategic parts of my outfit, missing out the ‘s’ in the word ‘hard disk’. And I could go on forever. 
But this story is one where I outdid myself. 
This was when I had recently joined a workplace, and a certainly woman with seniority was being a total slave driver and it was one of those times when you just wanted to stab somebody without much care about the consequences. 
One one such fine morning, she walked up to me and said that she wanted to speak with me. And walked away. 
Obviously I panicked and I started going through my ‘Sent’ folder to see whether I had sent an incorrect attachment or made a gross grammar error. And then I clicked open the Office Communicator (internal Gtalk like IM for employees) and typed away  about how I was afraid what Cruella would have to tell me. A big fat paragraph where I addressed her as ‘Petni’ (read: evil witch in Bengali) and sent it to Ridhima who was in a cubicle a little far away. 
Or I thought I sent it to Ridhima. On closer review, I realised that I had sent the message to said senior woman. 
I’ve hardly ever been so embarrassed. Even more when she got up from her seat and asked everyone aloud what ‘Petni’ meant. 
Since then, I’ve sworn to check and re-check who I send things. Not that it has avoided future mishaps. But then, that’s another story!

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