Day 30# ‘Let Go’

My, time has flown past. It seemed like just the other day that I was endeavouring to start this month-long challenge to make things more interesting on the blog, and here I am on day thirty.  Today’s topic is to share my thoughts on letting go. I think I’ve said more than enough in the past. About the inability and constant struggle to be successful at this.  A few days … Continue reading “Day 30# ‘Let Go’”

June 29 | Three Decades

The first vivid memory that most of us probably have is time with our parents. And hence, in theme with today’s topic I am also able to write about two wonderful people that I have been blessed to be able to call my mother and father.  1983. Then.  2013. Now. On the 29th of June, 1983 they were married in a quiet ceremony in Calcutta. I have been a part … Continue reading “June 29 | Three Decades”

Day 28# WWW.

The internet universe. The answer to almost every question minds can perceive. A constant source of entertainment. At times when all has been down, a funny image on Facebook or a video of brides falling into their wedding cakes has provided solace. While in Delhi, I maintained a little folder of images I fell in love with, that I came across on the world wide web. Most of them are … Continue reading “Day 28# WWW.”

Day 27# Food For The Soul

A friend has recently started a Tumblr Blog about favourite music (It’s a great read and listen – should check it out!), and I did this one for her, with the top three I could think of, at that instant – but since I find it very difficult to pick the music I love best, here is an all new list of five songs/ music pieces that bring back memories, … Continue reading “Day 27# Food For The Soul”

Day 26# The British Bond

This news took India by storm, and articles have been making the rounds ever since it was made known by the mainstream media. published this report – a witty and sarcastic take on the issue.  Despite London being one of my favourite cities (among the ones I have visited yet), I feel angered enough to promote what the author, Sandip Roy has to say about having to pay a … Continue reading “Day 26# The British Bond”

Day 25# Blessings. Something I was told, I might never forget

This one took an unnatural amount of thinking. I cannot explain why. And even now, I’m not sure if what I’m about to write about is actually something that I will never forget – but its the closest it will get.  Picture a Bengali wedding, or just any Indian wedding. Loads of relatives. Total chaos.  I love weddings. Even more when its in the family, and I can be completely … Continue reading “Day 25# Blessings. Something I was told, I might never forget”

Day 24# The Worst In Me…

Not to sound conceited or anything, but I’ve always had people tell me nice things about myself. Either I really am pretty awesome, or am surrounded by very kind people.  Since I have little experience being told of my negatives, the three below are mostly my observations: # I overspend. I find it really difficult to save money. Whenever I have a sufficient amount in the account, I cannot seem … Continue reading “Day 24# The Worst In Me…”

Day 23# We Don’t Need No Education

Personally, I love learning new things and even text book education has sometimes intrigued me. Not being one of the 90+ mark achieving students in school, and having received judgemental scorns from family members about my average grades, I’ve had a thing or two to say about the school education I received. All rote and no learn was never my thing. Anyway – on a lighter note, there are a … Continue reading “Day 23# We Don’t Need No Education”

Day 22# Soapbox Saga

In all honesty – I believe that when one is given a free ticket to rant, giving it up would be complete stupidity.  *Clears throat* I could have used this opportunity to speak about the rubbish economic situation of West Bengal, or even how I feel very strongly about people who refuse to ban shark fin soup, or take it a step forward and share my thoughts on how so … Continue reading “Day 22# Soapbox Saga”

Day 21# Yours Truly

It happens once in a while, that something that you happen to write seems to resonate with others and reflect a thought in the wholeness of the feeling. These are six posts which I have written in happiness, peace, anger, confusion or a concoction of all of the same. Whenever I read them, I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, on this platform. Keep Calm & Carry On – about … Continue reading “Day 21# Yours Truly”