To You…

To you who feels too much, loves too much, gives too much – I’m proud of you

To you who is moved too easily, falls in love too easily, believes what you’re told – Thank you for your faith in mankind
To you who knowingly lets someone get away with a lie, who performs random acts of kindness, who shares your last penny – I am on your side
To the ones who walk away, to the ones who hold on, to the ones who wait it out – What a beautiful battlefield you must be
I came across the Twitter user @Lunarecently and found myself hitting ‘Favourite’ on anything posted on her timeline. Today she wrote these lines, and I felt myself fill up with emotion and tears welled up. 
Whoever said that the only things you can do to help people are in person? Even a few kind words have magic in them.
Like the clichéd quote by Plato that has done the rounds of the internet, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle,” I will keep these lines close to me. In my phone’s Notes. And read them whenever I get reprimanded for giving too much, shot down for believing too easily or shamed for holding on.

Happy weekend, ya’ll J