One of my fondest memories of going home is usually sitting down with old photo albums and spending hours poring over the faces.

Faces I can barely remember

Faces I never met but could see traces of my button nose or sloping eyes in

Faces that make me grin stupidly

And of course, the faces I’ve known all my life and love dearly

I hardly need to reiterate my fondness for nostalgia – and how better to preserve them than pictures. The hard-cover albums have given way to their digital successors, but the magic is still alive.

I’m very excited to spend the rest of the afternoon gamboling through memory lanes, reminding myself to never colour my hair violet again, continue wondering how my little nephews and nieces got this big, dreaming about the ocean, and listening to my new favourite Indie band – The Yellow Diary. Their single, Afzai pairs very well with snowy days and thoughts of bygone days.