Run Through Twenty Twenty-Two

Yesterday I happened across a meme stating that January 6 is the last day to say ‘Happy New Year’, and I took it as a sign that my 2022 wrap-up could work around that timeline too. Last year felt oddly uneventful and I found myself thinking about where the year went and what I did. I’ve been working on this list for a few weeks and now that it is … Continue readingRun Through Twenty Twenty-Two

A year among the Wildflowers

It seems like just the other day that I was living amid cardboard boxes and tripping over rolls of packing tape. All in the efforts of trying to wrap our lives up to embark on this adventure as new, slightly nervous, first-time homeowners. And somehow, this week it’s been a whole year to that day. A home in the wildflowers. In its name and literally all around it. I was … Continue reading “A year among the Wildflowers”

Catching Up

Is it unprecedented to write a rundown of the year in August? I guess so. However, in a series of years where the word unprecedented has become a staple, it is probably poetic. If I had a penny for the number of times that I sat down to revive my dormant blog over the past couple of years, I’d be the proud owner of one of those fancy Dyson hairdryers. … Continue reading “Catching Up”


One of my fondest memories of going home is usually sitting down with old photo albums and spending hours poring over the faces. Faces I can barely remember Faces I never met but could see traces of my button nose or sloping eyes in Faces that make me grin stupidly And of course, the faces I’ve known all my life and love dearly I hardly need to reiterate my fondness … Continue reading “nostalgia”

Some Good

Familiarity breeds comfort. I talk about this quite often because I don’t only believe it, I live it. It’s difficult to find the familiar in a new city, among new people and new situations. But there are some things that stay constant. I find one of my constants in the books I grew up with – the characters who always taught me that I was not alone. They do the … Continue reading “Some Good”