It is the last few days of the post graduation course, and there has been so much happening. The Dissertation, project reports, html backlog preparations (that is exclusively for me, and a few of my brethren, packing, and nostalgia packed into little bits through all of it.

The farewell party was a happening too, and I thought it to be one of the nicest parties we have had in the duration of course. Bitten by ‘Darpanitis‘ (a new found terminology,for a disease usually used for another friend), I shall explain why the party was brilliant:

a)It was a newer place, The One, off Koregaon Park (although, I am extremely fond of Area 51, its pseudo revolving dance floor, and unlimited ice cream and gulab jamun)

b) The drinks were super! I was addicted to a certain delicious vodka with cranberry juice.. Yum! Later on, there were shots called the ‘Ice Princess’; basically vodka and blue curacao, and to reiterate, were awesome!

c) The DJ played helluva lot punjabi, which was quite missing at our earlier parties, and was it fun, or was it FUN!

d) It was just very few people from Batch 2010, and some juniors who got lost among us. To make things even better, a few dislike able elements did not even make it to the party, so Woohoo!

e) We took our supposedly last trip, in the most unexpected fashion

For more details, on the party, and the trip, click here

I could have not put it better.


Lately, I have been doing a multitude of crazy things
– staying up till 6am everyday, and waking in the evenings
– missing all three meals in the day
– downloading more movies, did I mention I am on 837 now?
– eating at least one packet of cup noodles a day, and around 5 to 10 glasses of Tang (Summer in Lavale has arrived)

However, this morning was the submission of the holy document, The Dissertation, and at around 6am, I had just been done with the second movie for the night, and the room mate had crashed. Hence, I could feel the sleep trying to take over, and I decided to fight it!

Not to forget to mention the massive turbulence in my mind thanks to a certain ‘friend’. Best not elaborate here.

So, I put on walking shoes, grabbed my jhola, stuffed the reports in them, picked up i pod, phone and the book and glasses and strutted off to the Amphitheatre. Sat there, watched the Sun rise, and it was such a feeling. Liberating, yet contained. It was so quiet, I felt I needed to scream, so I sang loudly, till the phone rang suddenly.

Got back to the room around 11, and slept. What a wonderful world.

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