A Wedding & A Reunion

As the years are going by, most of us can find ourselves being absorbed in our lives leaving little time to reflect and lesser opportunities to do impulsive things.  But those days were the best, weren’t they? The living on a hilltop, the pathetic excuse of food that the mess served us, the small joys of a cancelled class, samosa-pav, the absolutely random conversations and the people – who kept … Continue reading “A Wedding & A Reunion”

Day 6# Communications 101

Public Relations. Definitely not the career I dreamed of when I was little – on May 03 this year, I completed four years of being in this profession. What is it I do? I manage reputations for brands. As a Public Relations professional, my job entails maintaining a favorable public image of an organisation, a person or brands or all of these together. I was very lucky to be recruited … Continue reading “Day 6# Communications 101”

Day 5# My Friend, the Blogger.

Personally, I have never really had a problem with public display of emotions. So this one is pretty easy – and actually, pending for a while. Today’s challenge is to write about a blogger friend or a real life friend. I’m blessed to know both in one person. My first memory of her is one at the SIMC campus in Lavale, getting off a four-wheel drive with her iPod shuffle … Continue reading “Day 5# My Friend, the Blogger.”

Conquest Of Paradise

A few days ago I was curiously reminded of a video that was most regularly played before guest lectures and important occassions during my post graduation. It was one of those rare five minutes in the college auditorium, where the parade-like music thumped and there was pin-drop silence. I have often noticed that the passion and inspiration that sport brings, are hardly matched by any other. Be it the Indian blockbuster Chak … Continue reading “Conquest Of Paradise”


Over the past two weekends, I have taken to quarantining myself to the house and doing absolutely nothing. A huge portion of the activity is attributed to the overbearing summers which are simply not in the mood to go away. Hence the Saturdays and the Sundays are spent in the confines of the single air conditioned room reading, catching up on sleep or watching movies/series on the laptop (Since the … Continue reading “Atlantis”


Yes, I graduated. Although I did not get to wear the rented robes, or toss the hat with the tassels or even meet the people I spent two precious years atop a hill. It was a picture in mind that when I would finally post-graduate, the ceremony would be grander; it would all be a little more flashy and different. But I spent the Sunday at home, with the idiot … Continue reading “December”


It is the last few days of the post graduation course, and there has been so much happening. The Dissertation, project reports, html backlog preparations (that is exclusively for me, and a few of my brethren, packing, and nostalgia packed into little bits through all of it. The farewell party was a happening too, and I thought it to be one of the nicest parties we have had in the … Continue reading “Happenings”

Aboard the Green Express

The week that just ran past, like several of the others that have been. Authorities at SIMC finally decided that it was time now, to send students into major metropolitans, to make presentations to prospective recruiters. So, now I am home, in Kolkata. And the more exciting bit is that I got here by train. The last time I was on a train, I was travelling from Kolkata to Pune … Continue reading “Aboard the Green Express”


It has been a year and 10 months that I have been on campus. They say that at a residential campus, the most important thing is the people around you. And true it is. I have been around a lot of people, made groups, been a part of them, watched them drift apart and break away. These, I have been told are dynamics of young people. Somehow, I don’t quite … Continue reading “Friends”