Tuesdays at Morrison

Who goes drinking on Tuesday nights? Four girls. Cafe Morrison. Drama. Many laughs. “V”. Long Island Ice Teas. An unending slice of chocolate cake.  Waay to many Cosmopolitans attributable to Ladies Night. John Mayer singles. Spicy potato sliders. Bhardwaj, Shukla and their tall drinks! Yes, thats an iPhone! With a lavender cover! Thank you for letting me hold it, Milan ♥ There was minimum talk about work. I havent laughed this … Continue reading “Tuesdays at Morrison”

A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!

A weekend where I managed to surprise myself. After a Friday night of Long Island Ice Teas at Jolly Rogers and heavy introspecting sessions till 4 am, it was near impossible to wake myself before 4 in the afternoon, but I woke up by half past one, and had left home by two! Destination: Harley Rock Riders Grand Finale at Hamsadhwani Auditorium, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A brilliant beginning to … Continue reading “A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!”

A New Place

This post is from a new place, a new computer and a new environment. There are no longer hills with vegetation, no cool breezes in the evenings, not every face I see, I can recognise, neither is there a feeling that ‘Yeah, I’ve been here forever!’ Not that I am complaining. Just that the air is so much more charged wih change – and more is coming, I know it; … Continue reading “A New Place”


It is the last few days of the post graduation course, and there has been so much happening. The Dissertation, project reports, html backlog preparations (that is exclusively for me, and a few of my brethren, packing, and nostalgia packed into little bits through all of it. The farewell party was a happening too, and I thought it to be one of the nicest parties we have had in the … Continue reading “Happenings”