Observation chronicles

Increasingly, the human race is heading towards loner-ville. Several discussions and studies of behavioral patterns have proven that each individual is increasingly enhancing their belief in the sanity within oneself. Self sufficiency has an all new definition with regard to the disregard of people around oneself as thanks to technology and other distractions; we supposedly no longer need people around us. Well, it’s pleasant if they exist and show themselves from time to time, but permanently, being alone rocks. Or does it?

If you ask me, basis my observations, it is all about the mood:

1.Today I feel full of love. I shall smile upon the world around me, and make it a better place

2.Tomorrow, I have just woken up from the wrong side of the bed and am a nasty prick, regardless of anyone deserving the behavior, or not

3.The day after, I have just had the most splendid morning, and it is irrelevant if anyone around me has one of those bad days. So four options:

a)I could ignore them
b)I could give them a tough time and say ‘Itna rota/roti kyun hai’ (Please note: At this time, I am completely oblivious of the fact that I was this way just yesterday, and what I would have felt if I was spoken to in that particular manner)
c)I could bitch about them to others sharing the same ground, and wonder why people have so much to complain about
d)I could give them a tougher time, and tuck in constant jibes

4. So, the next day, I feel irked, and someone asking for stationery can also give us a splitting headache!!


When did the world become so selfish? And what was I doing during the transition?

I have always been told these stories by the parents about a world wherein everyone sounds like they are better people, the traffic was slower and people thought before they spoke. An archaic era where causing harm to a person by actions or words was actually considered wrong. I was not born in the time, nor was I raised in it; however, there is this strong connect that tears me away from the world that exists now. A world where everything is so fast and flashy that smaller, insignificant things like people, feelings and memories are often forgotten on treaded upon. I still continue to save movie tickets, restaurant bills, parking receipts with their dates written on them. My treasure cavern containing notes passed around in class, Rashi’s and mine top 10 hot boys in college list, a dried rose from an old Valentine’s day, tags of the treasured Giordano clothes, pastel drawings by my baby nephew, a copy of the first cheque I received from an employer and the list is endless. I guess, to most it would appear rather silly, but these things have been the highlight of my life, ever since I have moved out of home, and I will not give them up. I will still collect the trinkets which will embellish my memories and make me smile when I look at them after years.

Sometimes the most plain and simple things which are right in front of one’s face are the most elusive. However, to me, inescapable is the fact that no matter how much ahead you march on, alone is not a very happy place to be.

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