A post I came across and had to share. Couldnt be a more precise reflection of my thoughts and that of several around me. Not to forget to mention my affinity with the title of the post.

“I work at a shit agency(aka firm).
The client treats us as shit.
My work timings are shit.
We do shitty work.
Management is shit.
The pay is shit.
It’s in a shitty neighborhood.
Our new business record is shit.
It’s shit.”

–Hundreds of thousands of client servicing people from around the world.

As Churchill said “If you’re going through hell the best thing to do is just keep going.” I don’t think one can get better advice anywhere than that which is from Churchill – hence, ‘Just keep going’.

“Just keep going.
Keep typing.
Keep showing better work.
Keep listening beyond what the client says to what they really need.
Keep working.
Keep writing.
Keep smiling when what you really want to punch someone in the face.
Keep coming back for more.
Keep fighting.
You might be in a shit place.
You probably are.
But if you keep going and you still go down,
At least you’ve gone down fighting.
And with dignity.”

Hope prevails.

7 thoughts on “Shit

  1. @ Bhardwaj: Thanks yo! 😀

    @ Dee: Yes, a perpetual phase. We know all about that!!!

    @ Naween Bhaiya: Hahaha! Are you not aware of my excreta fascination :p
    But 'Oonche se ooncha banda, potty par baithe nanga' is indeed a first of its kind! 😀

  2. Pritam, I can see where the title is coming from for sure but good stuff.

    But know what really kills it…And with dignity. All we ever aim for isn't it.

    Cheeeeaaaaarrrs 😀

  3. @ Renu: I am on the verge of taking a print out and pasting around my workstation! 🙂

    @ Akki: Shit is always lovely!!! Like I keep forcing upon all around me 🙂 Awaiting the picture! Must-have for me.

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