September of Surprises

The month has been the highlight of the year in ways more than one – just got me thinking on how many surprises it was holding.

Personally, I’m not very partial to surprises; Although I enjoy creating the environment for people who enjoy them but for myself, best they’re kept away. Guess this is one of the attributes which contributes towards making me the abominable bore that I can sometimes be. I prefer to refer to IMDb before any new movie I watch to be sure of the plot, the same with books – so its clear that I take no fancy to any suspense whatsoever.

Lately, I’ve been exposed to numerous situations which, I would like to refer to as the various types of surprises – listed as follows.

The Shocker: My brother was visiting Muscat from Dubai, and could stay only for 24 hours. I gave him and myself a lot of grief about that while he left. I wake up two days later to see him sitting by my bed. Almost fell off the bed myself. Although, there were all reasons to be ecstatic, I was in shock for quite a while!

The Smile-Bringer: One of my closest had her twenty-fifth birthday early into the month. I felt horrid to not be there and be able to do something special, so however trivial an attempt, I tried to arrange a little something which would bring a smile to her face. And I am told it did. Booyah! 🙂

The Unexpected: There’s this notion that I carry around in my head which makes it essential that everytime I travel home, I have family coming to the airport to pick me up. Since its only once a year, I press the cause with sufficient reason. In other words, its essential that I see a known face at the aluminium railing. This time at Muscat, Air India surprised us all by landing half an hour before scheduled time and I waited outside the airport with a phone that wouldnt work. This was a first and maybe a sign that its time to grow up some more.

The Shame-Causer: Not something I’m proud of, but it has to go into the list because I was left astounded days after this happened. I forgot a friend’s birthday and not just in any manner. He was sitting right in front of me and I argued with him stating that it was not his birthday, when it was. Quite embarrasing, yes. I’m still stirred when I think of it.

Just reminiscing about the above experiences, I know that surprises have always been bittersweet for me, more bitter than sweet most often. Just saying.

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