An airport trip where I had lots of time on hand was the reason behind this post. It was lying in my drafts for months and today, while I was looking at planes fly overhead from the windows in my cubicle, it felt like the right time to publish it.  *** Airports stir the most peculiar feelings in me.  There are tears, laughter, confusion, fear, excitement and hope with a … Continue reading “JLT”


Mumbai became one of the 2011 destinations this month as I travelled for one of my most mundane yet heavy revenue earning clients. I’ve never really warmed up to the city, yet I thought I should give it another chance. By the end of two nights, I was blessing the lord to be able to return to Gurgaon and my beautiful office. One might ask why – to be honest, … Continue reading “Bomb(s)-A(w)ay?”

Shaadi Mubarak!

2011 has been big on the weddings front. Two very close friends and a brother got hitched and I’m very fortunate that I was able to be present and collect my own share of happy memories with them. Ridhima-Bhavya in May, Shoi-Bulan in July and most recently, Riki Bhaiya and his Jabalpur bride this month. Amongst a variety of speculations on whether I would be or should be able to … Continue reading “Shaadi Mubarak!”

September of Surprises

The month has been the highlight of the year in ways more than one – just got me thinking on how many surprises it was holding. Personally, I’m not very partial to surprises; Although I enjoy creating the environment for people who enjoy them but for myself, best they’re kept away. Guess this is one of the attributes which contributes towards making me the abominable bore that I can sometimes … Continue reading “September of Surprises”

Time of My Life

It never rains when you want it to. Life is unpredictable, as are the people who form it. That seems to my biggest problem with it. Why cannot we stay still for a while, why cannot things that have taken months and years to perfect, not rest a little for a moment – just so that one can admire the effort put into creating them. The older and the wiser … Continue reading “Time of My Life”


An air conditioned room, a cane rocking chair, uninterrupted supply of calorie and non calorie food, parents and not a worry in the world. I have been talking about changes throughout the past month – this seems to be the biggest leap I am about to take. Tomorrow, I board the flight to Gurgaon; a place I have not known at all, to people I have known for a little … Continue reading “Bari”

Change is here to stay

And just when I thought that I was finally getting used to our hill campus, the city of Pune, the fact that one should not bother at all about anything happening at all in college, apart from the gossip of course! The day before, my road transporter friends from GATI came and picked up my suitcase, trunk, sack, shoe rack and 2 cartons which are labelled ‘Destination Gurgaon’ and another … Continue reading “Change is here to stay”

Aluminium Railing.

The feeling of being a nomad, has lived with me for years now. It often feels that people take the simplest things for granted. Since I was a child, the concept of airports has thrilled me immensely. Be it, the mundane annual trip from Muscat to Kolkata every year during summer holidays. The whole process of making lists and shopping for everyone in the family, packing, the duty free shop … Continue reading “Aluminium Railing.”