It seems like only yesterday that I was home, in front of the television, wrapped in winter clothing with a hot pizza and an Absolut – celebrating the end of 2010 and bringing in 2011. The year has somehow flown past and it only recently struck me that I will no longer be able to upload pictures to the Facebook album ‘2011 – Part Deux’. I’m already facing problems with … Continue reading “Bienvenue!”

The last 2011 weekend

There’s an outburst of ‘Our offices are closed for the holidays’ emails – it’s definitely that time of the year. Even though I didnt get a tree, a present or even a cake, this weekend was happy and full of people and a few of my favourite movies on television. Friday evening began with meeting Pisho, who was here all week for the Ranji trophy match which his team won. … Continue reading “The last 2011 weekend”

Reel Christmas

The last month of 2011 has begun and it looks rather promising on the entertainment front! Although for most, in India, Christmas is not really a huge deal – we have our own set of elaborate festivities to deal with. I’ve never seen or been a part of authentic Christmas celebrations – the ornate trees, carols, the traditional meals consisting of roast turkey, served with roast potatoes, parsnips; not to … Continue reading “Reel Christmas”

Shaadi Mubarak!

2011 has been big on the weddings front. Two very close friends and a brother got hitched and I’m very fortunate that I was able to be present and collect my own share of happy memories with them. Ridhima-Bhavya in May, Shoi-Bulan in July and most recently, Riki Bhaiya and his Jabalpur bride this month. Amongst a variety of speculations on whether I would be or should be able to … Continue reading “Shaadi Mubarak!”

Cruising through…

Mobility is critical in the world we live in. Depending on others for any given thing is no less than imprisonment. The pangs are deeper when one lives an ‘independent’ life, has to take most decisions alone and is forced to battle through smaller and relatively large instances by themselves. It is almost criminal to not be self sufficient in most areas. Which brings me to how significant driving is. … Continue reading “Cruising through…”


The past month has been such a rush. Ever since I got back from home, I was welcomed by an avalanche of work-related madness. There was the first Indian Grand Prix which the whole team was excited about. From the moment we pitched for the account, and won it, we realised that this was the biggest event that the country would witness in this year. Frequent drives to and from … Continue reading “October”

September of Surprises

The month has been the highlight of the year in ways more than one – just got me thinking on how many surprises it was holding. Personally, I’m not very partial to surprises; Although I enjoy creating the environment for people who enjoy them but for myself, best they’re kept away. Guess this is one of the attributes which contributes towards making me the abominable bore that I can sometimes … Continue reading “September of Surprises”


I feel I’m finally ready to narrate the experience which will be the highlight of my annual out-of-country vacation. The immediate action might have been majorly inspired by the commercial blockbuster, but I’ve always been deeply passionate about the ocean and watched countless documentaries and been in awe of those who were able to muster their courage and take the step. Scuba diving. Despite the innumerable constraints that Muscat poses, … Continue reading “Buoyancy”

That Feeling

Living in the oblivion that I have, for the past goodness knows how many years, its almost like I have stopped feeling. There are moments when I laugh, others when I find myself melancholy. Some moments just pass by – without creating much of an impact. Nothing seems to have touched my heart for a long long time. This trip home was meant to be special. I had intended it … Continue reading “That Feeling”