Somehow it has already been a week at the new workplace and somehow I have to get used to the fact that Wednesday is the new Friday.
So evidently the weekend is here and I have to catch up on my sleep for the last five days. Did I mention that I wake up at 7 am and take a shared cab to be at work at 8? Yes, well – from a waking up at hald past eight and being in office at nine – I have come a long way.
Wednesdays used to be important from a ladies night point of view. There have been an umpteen number of times where Chops and I just escaped to Jolly Rogers and sat ourselves with a couple of sickeningly sweet Blue Lagoons and some mouth-watering appetisers. The DJ was hormonal, so we’d have great music days, and then there would be those when it would sound like boy-band-reunion. I’ve quite loved Wednesdays.
What I dont love is not having my friends around. I miss those chats on the office communicator that I could initiate to discuss – well, just anything! I miss having lunch with the girls. I miss walking around knowing almost everyone. So, while I was sitting at my desk on my own at lunch hour today, thinking of all these things and hoping that I can stay afloat through all these changes, I created this little collage on ‘FrameArtist’ for iPhone.
I can say that I’m smiling looking at it. Precious.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. A rose is a rose is a rose. Wednesday ho ya Friday, weekend to weekend hi hota hai 😛
    Btw, is MKP = Mooli ke parathe? Just asking. 😀
    And you shouldn't "frame" those you miss 😀

  2. @ Naween Bhaiya: Aapki optimism ki toh daat deni padegi. And hahaha, no – MKP is short for Milan KishorPuria (featured in the image) – but I have to tell her about the new expansion of her name! Hahaha 😀

    @ RB: Ab kya karein. Dont find friends like these easy 🙂

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