This has happened to me before.  The getting overtly attached to people and places.  Watching them inch away and stare helplessly. And then doing it all over again.  In the past two years, TV series have sort of replaced my social life.  The characters have become friends – faces that I look forward to seeing everyday.  I laughed aloud at their silly pranks. And sobbed quietly when they hurt and … Continue reading “Euphoria…”

The Movies

Yesterday I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go out with my colleague, Abdullah. He lives by himself and drives to the UAE almost every weekend – and when he doesn’t – he asks if we would like to do something, but my laziness and driving guilt have always engulfed me.  So when we decided to watch Captain Phillips, I felt a positive oddness at the act of booking movie tickets … Continue reading “The Movies”


The rains have arrived in India. And in the world.  What a beautiful time of the year.  Yes, I will never tire of writing about them.  I’ve been like-ing, Favourite-ing and RT-ing all rain related posts, pictures, songs on all social media platforms. I’ve been staring out at the Sun from my window, in the hope that my message will be received.  So all this afternoon, I have been listening … Continue reading “RainyMood”

Day 12# Sorely Missed.

If someone were to ask me this, say – a year ago – I wouldn’t even have to blink before I replied – home.  But now the story has changed. I am home. Surrounded by all the comforts and reassurances that family brings. However, the heart is never really satiated. So even though I have nothing to complain about, there are some things I miss dearly. # Mobility. The ability … Continue reading “Day 12# Sorely Missed.”

Winter Deprived

November is almost coming to an end.  If I were in Gurgaon now, my immensely warm white comforter would be out – as would be my Zara overcoats.  There would be no need for the fan and Shankar Bhaiya at office would be requested to bring in the lemon tea first thing in the morning.  The huge glass windows of Vatika Triangle would probably be all foggy in the mornings … Continue reading “Winter Deprived”