Winter Deprived

November is almost coming to an end. 
If I were in Gurgaon now, my immensely warm white comforter would be out – as would be my Zara overcoats. 
There would be no need for the fan and Shankar Bhaiya at office would be requested to bring in the lemon tea first thing in the morning. 
The huge glass windows of Vatika Triangle would probably be all foggy in the mornings – like one had walked into a room full of clouds. 
The daily bathing sessions would be a thing of the past.
Almost everyone I know loves winters. And eagerly await them. 
Friends in Europe and the Americas have been posting images of Fall. I cannot imagine a season more beautiful. A close second to the rains. Very close.
It was a habit to look up The Weather Channel when I was in India, because of the fast altering moods of Mother Nature. I haven’t used that app for months now. It tags the cities in which I know people.

I went back to it today. And look what I came up with:

I remember reading in the papers this morning that precipitation could be expected today, so I was hopeful to find something, but alas.
Isn’t the changing of seasons something that everyone should be able to experience?