Dilli In Transit

Apart from the weddings, this was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to. Never thought I would be this excited to be back in Delhi NCR. My time spent there was the nicest among all the days.  This is what I did: # Got a haricut. At Bella Madonna, Galleria. Loved it.  # Had breakfast by myself at my most favourite place in Gurgaon – Sakley’s … Continue reading “Dilli In Transit”

Winter Deprived

November is almost coming to an end.  If I were in Gurgaon now, my immensely warm white comforter would be out – as would be my Zara overcoats.  There would be no need for the fan and Shankar Bhaiya at office would be requested to bring in the lemon tea first thing in the morning.  The huge glass windows of Vatika Triangle would probably be all foggy in the mornings … Continue reading “Winter Deprived”

“You Win or You Die”

When I first heard of the hugely popular HBO series, I thought of it to be some video game or the sorts and stayed very far away. In a while, the madness percolated to our subcontinent and it had been recommended by Akshay, Milan and Vidha; all three claimed that once one watched episode 1, there was no stopping. They were right. Game of Thrones is the first book in A … Continue reading ““You Win or You Die””

The Good Life!

There are new songs on my playlist. It’s Friday. I am going home next week. My hair finally feels a little longer. I arranged for a birthday surprise and extracted a hug from an otherwise awkward-with-physical-contact person! There is close to zero visibilty due to fog from the window at work. I drafted a proposal at work – it was appreciated. More than once. This has been a good week, … Continue reading “The Good Life!”

The last 2011 weekend

There’s an outburst of ‘Our offices are closed for the holidays’ emails – it’s definitely that time of the year. Even though I didnt get a tree, a present or even a cake, this weekend was happy and full of people and a few of my favourite movies on television. Friday evening began with meeting Pisho, who was here all week for the Ranji trophy match which his team won. … Continue reading “The last 2011 weekend”


Mumbai became one of the 2011 destinations this month as I travelled for one of my most mundane yet heavy revenue earning clients. I’ve never really warmed up to the city, yet I thought I should give it another chance. By the end of two nights, I was blessing the lord to be able to return to Gurgaon and my beautiful office. One might ask why – to be honest, … Continue reading “Bomb(s)-A(w)ay?”

More Weekend Chronicles…

One of the more eventful weekends that I’ve spent in the past 7 months; more because these are the winters, and I have now sworn to not let my lack of mobility get in my way of meeting people and doing fun stuff! Friday night was the year-end office party! At a venue which was falsely communicated to be ‘Turquoise Cottage’ in Adchini, Delhi and turned out to be a … Continue reading “More Weekend Chronicles…”

A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!

A weekend where I managed to surprise myself. After a Friday night of Long Island Ice Teas at Jolly Rogers and heavy introspecting sessions till 4 am, it was near impossible to wake myself before 4 in the afternoon, but I woke up by half past one, and had left home by two! Destination: Harley Rock Riders Grand Finale at Hamsadhwani Auditorium, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A brilliant beginning to … Continue reading “A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!”