Have you ever been in love with a notion?
One that wakes you up with a smile every morning

Have you ever known a scent to overpower you?
A heady aroma that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach

Have you felt time stop?
And transport you to a place that you never knew of

Have you ever kept somebody’s handkerchief?
And felt like the very world was right there, in your drawer

Have you ever had a prayer answered?
Looked at whoever you call God and shed silent tears of gratitude


The world is a funny place.

You’d rather be alone than hurt.

Knowing this, you still long to be loved.

Because what is life worth, if these things never happened to real people.

All you people who have been loved, hugged, cared for and protected – cherish it. And hold on tight. Never let go.

And those who haven’t yet, just look around each river bend.

3 thoughts on “Phosphenes

  1. Thank you. All of you. Some things can be very difficult to put to paper, its great to know that the feeling was understood.

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