Lucky Number Thirteen

So here we are. 
At the end of another year. Recollecting how it whooshed past, making us older and wiser.
At the brink of 2013, I cannot foresee what lies ahead, but I know that this year will be important – I will turn 26,  two dear friends will get married, several epic movies will release and I hope various other exciting things will happen.
As is customary, it is time to write that resolution post. The one in which I annually make promises to myself. I have decided to call them ‘goals’ this year. Resolutions just sound too dreamy to come true. Hence, I have made a few amends to my list. 
For example: The violin/cello classes have been removed, as has the foreign language. Not because I want them any less, but because other things need to be achieved first. I promise they will be back.
My must-achieves for this year:

  1. Get a grip on my spoken Arabic. Since I can already read and write, it shouldn’t be that difficult.Take lessons if possible.
  2. Get my international driving license in Oman. I cannot even begin describe how frustrating it is to be asking people to ferry me around the city. This HAS to happen.
  3. Learn to cook Italian food. Given that quality ingredients and an almost professional kitchen are in such close proximity. Also, begin compiling some of Ma’s recipes into the book I spoke of in a previous post.
  4. Go sailing. Even if I’m not at the helm. With Oman’s abundant coasts, this should be an easy one. 
  5. Lose weight. Seriously, this time. 
  6. Take a trip with friends. If that cannot happen, then travel to someplace on my own.
  7. Save money. I have a certain number in mind.
  8. Celebrate my parentsโ€™ 30th wedding anniversary with as much noise as I can manage
  9. Figure out my diploma programme. Research it, give the examinations, weigh the options. 
  10. Visit a country in the Middle East that I havenโ€™t been to yet. Like Jordan.
  11. Write more than 100 posts, like I did this year!
  12. Plan and execute the long impending Europe trip with parents
  13. Go scuba-diving more often. I haven’t donned the gear since my certification. 
13 for 13. 
From my work computer and a flash drive full of movies and TV series, I wish you a Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Lucky Number Thirteen

  1. you! are into proper action! scooba driving! travelling cooking driving! keep at it!

    and if i may dare say, itni cheezen? by god, amazing.

  2. @ Raj: To think of it – its been a good two years.

    Abhi toh bohat kuch aur karna hai! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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