Day 20# Struggles.

So this is where it gets difficult and bare-it-all.  So I’ll make it quick.  I’m struggling with a couple of things at this point in life. One which is the most disturbing to me, is the lack of direction.  It is not just something trivial that I’m fussing about, but a matter of consequential importance to me.  Over the past ten years, I have grown to become a person who … Continue reading “Day 20# Struggles.”


Have you ever been in love with a notion?One that wakes you up with a smile every morning Have you ever known a scent to overpower you?A heady aroma that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach Have you felt time stop?And transport you to a place that you never knew of Have you ever kept somebody’s handkerchief?And felt like the very world was right there, in your drawer Have … Continue reading “Phosphenes”


 Expectation is the root of all evil. You can pour your heart out and can still not expect a speck of kindness in return. You can continue to believe in a better world, but you will be in it alone. There is no such things as companionship. Just these fleeting moments which seem as they might last for a while longer. The less you give a damn, the happier … Continue reading “Fulfillment”