El Clásico

Football, to me has always been a game that epitomises honesty, sweat and sportsmanship.
Last night’s La Liga match was everything but those. 
From the very little that I understand about football, I have been able to decipher that it is one of the cleanest of sports. I must have been crazy to think that shoving and fixing would not be overlooked by FIFA. Evidently, it was. 
Now, to clear the air, I knew nothing about team Barcelona a few years from now – but I have watched the Spanish national team play in the UEFA Euro 2012, and I can safely say that FC Barcelona is team Spain – give or take a few players. In addition, they have Messi. This is the team that has been stunning football aficionados for a few years now, with their skill and strategy. And most importantly, their clean game. 
Yesterday’s game with Real Madrid was an absolute sham, if you ask me. 
Yellow cards being given out to Barcelona players, like flyers.
Fouls by Madrid not being recognised.
Cristiano Ronaldo being protected by the Referee in a manner that made me suspect the latter’s sexual preferences.
Victor Valdes awarded a red card for protesting.
And that was just the beginning. 
While Real Madrid did play a really good game at the start of the match, and Barcelona has been visibly out of form, I saw no reason as to why some critics stood up to say that the match was won owing to Real Madrid’s superb play. I respectfully disagree. 
If Benzema’s goal was well timed, Messi’s was no less spectacular. Sergio Ramos’ header put Real Madrid in the lead and made him last night’s hero, but then again, his attempt to trip Adriano in the penalty box was no chivalrous act either. 
In a heavily biased game, Real Madrid managed to sneak a one goal lead, making absolutely no difference to the Catalan’s 13 point lead. What I’m looking forward to is Manchester United knocking the socks out of them in the upcoming Champions League match. 
Very honestly, there was nothing classic about this El Clásico.
This is football. This is how big it gets.

3 thoughts on “El Clásico

  1. I agree that Real was the better team yesterday, but the Ref made just too many mistakes for it to be a chance error. Ruined the game altogether and pissed off Senor Valdes.

    Yes, I'm looking forward to Tuesday. Glory glory. And one tight slap to that smug CR7. Ha!

  2. Feel sad that i missed it.. Was never into club football but watching ManU vs Real Madrid a week ago excited me and now I am officially a supported of Barcelona. Real are arrogant.. More than ManU at times.. !

  3. @ Aiyo: I'm glad that you didn't. It was a complete shame. Its evident that Barca isn't in the best of form – but its a goddamn sport for God sake!

    I'm praying hard today.

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