El Clásico

Football, to me has always been a game that epitomises honesty, sweat and sportsmanship. Last night’s La Liga match was everything but those.  From the very little that I understand about football, I have been able to decipher that it is one of the cleanest of sports. I must have been crazy to think that shoving and fixing would not be overlooked by FIFA. Evidently, it was.  Now, to clear the air, … Continue reading “El Clásico”

“You Win or You Die”

When I first heard of the hugely popular HBO series, I thought of it to be some video game or the sorts and stayed very far away. In a while, the madness percolated to our subcontinent and it had been recommended by Akshay, Milan and Vidha; all three claimed that once one watched episode 1, there was no stopping. They were right. Game of Thrones is the first book in A … Continue reading ““You Win or You Die””

A Game of Cricket

The qualifying match between India and Pakistan must be the most discussed topic in traditional as well as social media over the past week and especially through yesterday! And what a match it was! Age old political differences and all kinds of mixed emotions rolled into one game where pressures were mounting every second. Mohali was the place to be yesterday, but those of us who were watching the big … Continue reading “A Game of Cricket”