Catching Up

Is it unprecedented to write a rundown of the year in August?

I guess so. However, in a series of years where the word unprecedented has become a staple, it is probably poetic.

If I had a penny for the number of times that I sat down to revive my dormant blog over the past couple of years, I’d be the proud owner of one of those fancy Dyson hairdryers. Alas.

I have just wrapped up a large project at work, my mind feels clearer and lighter than it has in months, and the weather in Toronto this week is the nauseating combination of heat and humidity. Perfect time to stay indoors and reflect on how 2020 and most of 2021 have been.


– Let’s start with the happy things, eh? I got married! In a way that was truly “unprecedented” (you see what I did there?), but it was the happiest day in the year. A more detailed account is coming soon.

– I started to learn Spanish. I’ve always loved the warmth that the language (and the people who speak it) exude and I wanted to be able to karaoke to Cancion del Mariachi alongside the dulcet tones of my childhood crush Antonio Banderas. It’s going really well and mi gusta mucho! Can’t wait to order customized margaritas in Spanish the next time I’m in Mexico.

– I went snow tubing! Basically the only winter sport I’m able to partake in. It was just sitting in a giant tire and being shoved off a hill – but super fun. Objectives for the coming winter is to learn to ice skate/ski. Wish me luck!

– I now have family in Canada! My years of babysitting in Oman have ensured that G’s nephew and niece have found a friend in me. Together we play monopoly, watch tv shows about unicorns and plot against their mama. It’s the best.

– I was laid off. It was not a surprise, but I wasn’t prepared. The loyal simpleton inside me was deeply hurt.

– Towards the end of the year, I found work with a small investor relations firm. They’re a great bunch of people and it feels good to be learning new things. However, I always thought I’d make it to some 40 under 40 list in Communications and some days I feel like I’m going backwards.

– Stole a little trip to Montreal with G right before autumn hit. It’s a beautiful city that deserves a post of its own. For now, I will say four things – verandahs, poutine, stone-cobbled streets and history.

– Picked my wedding ring after many hours on Etsy and several jewelry store trips. I’m quite smitten.

– I lost my Mashi. It has been over a year and some days when Google Photos send me memories of us together, it is terribly painful.

– This has probably been the first year of the life that I did not get on an airplane. Totally aware this is a #firstworldproblem, but I may never forgive COVID for ruining my plan to visit my 33rd country when I turned 33.

– Starting sharing a home.

– Had two beautiful aiburobhaats and a surprise pre-wedding celebration. Grateful to friends and family for making me feel so special.

– The lockdowns and literally not having anything else to do have upped my kitchen skills. I found solace in researching, cooking and plating a lot of new things. I now make a mean chicken ramen, dhaba-style kadhai paneer, enchiladas <insert chef’s kiss emoji>, sabudana khichdi that isn’t gluey, coconut lime cheesecakes and much more!

– Built a LOT of a furniture. Still don’t like doing it.

– Explored a little more of Ontario. It’s mostly beautiful but rather monotonous for my taste after a while. I miss mountains and the sounds of the sea.

– Stopped working out as gyms closed and slowly gained all the poundage I had painstakingly lost. Sigh.


– Became a bonafide plant lady! One of our friends sent us an Aerogarden as a wedding present and it has been the most delightful experience growing basil and making that into delicious pesto. Need more window sills now!

– I got my driver’s license in Canada! Anyone who knows me is aware of what a big deal this is for me. I’ve previously celebrated this achievement in Oman – but Canada made it a little more difficult and after a bout of serious nerves, I did it. Honestly hope I never have to go through something like that again.

– Made aampanna at home <self pat>

– Managed to read three whole books and found myself becoming partial to audiobooks.

– Attempted to learn to ride a bike. Couldn’t sit right for a week after. I have now purchased padded pants and I shall overcome.

– Brought home a hibiscus plant. It is my pride and joy.

– Got both COVID vaccine shots. Promptly proceeded to escape to the mountains.

Through all of the wonderful and not-so-amazing memories, what has bothered me most is that I have not been able to go home and see my parents. It will be two years this October. It’s a constant ache and causes me anxiety.

I’m hopeful that the Indian third wave begins to ebb really soon. Also that I write more often. Here’s hoping! ??

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’m a month late here* but wo ho ho – good to see you back!!

    – Dyson ko maro goli! Too fancy. Airdrying is the real (age-appropriate for me) thing now.
    – You let someone throw you off a hill? You’re crazy. But good luck with the skating/skiing adventures. Tell me how they go because I will never find the courage to try those.
    – I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of going backwards. But IR will take you forwards monetarily. I guess that matters more when you need more window sills than LI updates.
    – I’d have totally completely disowned you if you’d called yourself a plant parent. No nice words for that category of people. Plant lady is good – the act and the phrase. I approve.
    – Kuch khaana bana ke humein bhi khilao! Ye photos dekhte hue bahut saal ho gaye.

    Now I am waiting for further updates! Jaldi karein.

    *there’s a problem with your security certificate. The site doesn’t load. Jugaad lagana pada. Check kar.

    1. It’s good to be back! I’ve also put together a list of things I want to write about – so hopefully you’ll see more of me here 🙂

      – Dyson ka wireless vaccum cleaner changed my life. Toh I have high expectations for it to make my hair look amaze hahaa
      – Knee pads khareedenge and ice pe girenge. I will keep you posted!
      – See this is why we are frands. Plant parent, pet parent make me go ew.
      – Aaj dosa banaya hai 😀

      Thanks for SSL note! It had expired – ab theek hona chahiye.

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