A year among the Wildflowers

It seems like just the other day that I was living amid cardboard boxes and tripping over rolls of packing tape. All in the efforts of trying to wrap our lives up to embark on this adventure as new, slightly nervous, first-time homeowners.

And somehow, this week it’s been a whole year to that day.

A home in the wildflowers. In its name and literally all around it.

I was certain it would be a rude shock moving away from the downtown core, its madness and my favourite tiny dumpling restaurant, among many other things. While suburban life was a sharp change and I am still not a fan of not being able to walk to most places, there have been too many good things for me to continue to complain.

From the back-breaking weed demolition exercises in the garden that gave way to the most gorgeous blooms and being able to grow my own tomatoes and jalapenos, to being able to walk 10 minutes and be in the middle of a forest with trails, and nature resplendent in every season. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having parents and friends over as well as the hours spent building mood boards and multiple lists on Etsy to do up the place.

With every passing month, this house among the Wildflowers has felt more like home.