You would think that I would have heard all of the Coke Studio songs, being such an ardent fan. Today, I came across ‘Mujhe Baar Baar’ by Abbas Ali Khan from the series’ most recent episode and was mesmerised for the longest time. Among the languages that I know, there is no doubt that Urdu is the most beautiful. It is like art in words, emotions in writing –  no … Continue reading “♪”


|| कौन कहता है की दूरियों ने कभी है प्यार को बढ़ाया यहाँ तोह तन्हाइयों का समा घर कर गया उम्र भर हमने जो महफ़िल थी सजाई पलक झपकते ही बंजर जहाँ बन गया || || काश ख़ामोशियों को किसी ने ज़ुबान दी होती वोह भी दे पाती हमें कोई वजह की चुप क्यूँ वोह हमेशा रहती जब आती कोई रूह से सदा || || की अजीब हैं कितनी ये आँखेन तुम्हारी हर … Continue reading “लम्हा”

Language of the Gods…

Out of the hundreds of songs that we hear over the course of our days, some we groove to, others we add to the ‘Favourites’; some we forget about, others which stay with us; some remind us of a person or a memory, others which are genuinely random. Once, in a while – there is that one song – one voice – one line – that just leave you stunned. I … Continue reading “Language of the Gods…”