Climb Ev’ry Mountain

There comes a time where you’re on the brink of losing control, the edge of the cliff, a despicable wall of blankness in front of you.  And then, suddenly there is daybreak, a cool breeze, a respite.  Whoever said that new and exciting things were all about fun? They are much more about the fear of leaving behind the comfortable and stepping in to the unknown.  Me and a  lot … Continue reading “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”

Million Miles Away

You probably don’t know Theodore Twombly.  Frankly, neither do I.  But the story of this shy and subdued man, who writes other people’s letters for a living is one which has moved the world, reduced many to tears and got other thinking about ‘What is love’… In times like these where the word is glorified, wrapped in pink and made larger than life – I could connect best with this … Continue reading “Million Miles Away”

The Movies

Yesterday I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go out with my colleague, Abdullah. He lives by himself and drives to the UAE almost every weekend – and when he doesn’t – he asks if we would like to do something, but my laziness and driving guilt have always engulfed me.  So when we decided to watch Captain Phillips, I felt a positive oddness at the act of booking movie tickets … Continue reading “The Movies”


After spending over six years in Maharashtra, the festival of the beloved Elephant God has almost become a part of me. I remember being told to stay away from the maddening crowds that Ganesh Chaturthi brings, because there is a certain level of craziness involved that not all of us can digest. But I recollect being a part of a visarjan party in Pune and even observing one from a … Continue reading “Moryaaa!”

Day 13# Top Ten!

Movies. My one big love. I’m no film critic, but I cannot get enough of them. Not only do they sweep me into some distant story, and then leave me on some desolate coast with the credits running, some of them stay etched in memory forever.  Just like my travel lists, there’s a bunch of movie lists I can make. Ones which I could never really understand, the ones which … Continue reading “Day 13# Top Ten!”


An airport trip where I had lots of time on hand was the reason behind this post. It was lying in my drafts for months and today, while I was looking at planes fly overhead from the windows in my cubicle, it felt like the right time to publish it.  *** Airports stir the most peculiar feelings in me.  There are tears, laughter, confusion, fear, excitement and hope with a … Continue reading “JLT”

Cinema Gold

For anyone who loves movies, the Academy Awards are a definite calendar event. Thanks to a friend living in New York, I caught around half an hour of the show being live streamed on a shady website. My favourites from the evening: # Charlize Theron in that pristine Christian Dior Haute Couture dress, Roger Vivier shoes, and Harry Winston jewellery. Stunner. Dazzle! # Adele winning for Skyfall. # Daniel Day … Continue reading “Cinema Gold”


Yesterday I turned the last page on the ‘Life of Pi’ and realised that there’s much I wanted to say about it. I had heard of the book when it had become a rage, but I never really got around to reading it. Then I saw the trailer of the Ang Lee directorial, and was intrigued by the story – like I have discussed in a previous post. There was a whole … Continue reading “π”

9 | 12: Twelve Motion Picture Favourites

Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with cinema. Rather inclined towards the collection, but I am so proud to announce that the “list” has now crossed 1500. In alphabetical order, these are the films that stood out this year: Arthur Christmas: The Christmas movie I waited over a year for. Ever wondered how Santa actually gets things done? The million letters from children, the nice-naughty index, the present sorting, … Continue reading “9 | 12: Twelve Motion Picture Favourites”