December 17, 2010


Yes, I graduated. Although I did not get to wear the rented robes, or toss the hat with the tassels or even meet the people I spent two precious years atop a hill. It was a picture in mind that when I would finally post-graduate, the ceremony would be grander; it would all be a little more flashy and different. But I spent the Sunday at home, with the idiot box.

However, no regrets. Complicated plans made hardly materialize, and it would be near impossible to expect that the parents would be able to make the ceremony. So I made do with the next best thing- Facebook. Status messages and images people uploaded. It was nice to see the smiles, the different haircuts, the robes with the yellow satin bands, campus, and the familiar faces. For a few moments I thought I should have been there.

Moving on from the blues, the colour of the season for me is violet! Very much like the Yash Chopra movies with a colour theme (anyone remember Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and the amount of yellow it had? Actually never mind. I don’t think too many people watched it :P). No matter where I go, I see purple everywhere! To quench my purple thirst, I bought a purple wallet and a muffler to start with! πŸ˜€

After much scavenging for a purple pair of Converse, I have finally given in to a green pair (my second most favourite colour) and they’re fabulous!!

Taking it forward from more fabulous things, there’s a very interesting observation – people happen to be so much happier in December. Don’t know if it has to do with the winters or the end of the year or Christmas and related festivities, or the mere thought of a New Year, but lightened spirits around me. Of course there are always those dampeners, who will manage to frown through anything, but even those seem a little less grumpy than usual. This year, in Delhi is my first real winter experience and it is pretty awesome! Although I am quite often laughed at, as I am the Inuit look-alike with two sweaters, a trench coat, a muffler and gloves, when most people are in a light sweater, but I did grow up in a desert and am half Bengali, gives me all the liberty to even don a monkey-cap!

Coming back to the cheerful aura, people are playing happier songs on YouTube, Star Movies and HBO have begun their Christmas movies lineup, offices have started giving out year-end goodies and we even got a Puma t-shirt with the company logo (read: FANCY JAZZ)!! Monsoons have always been my most favourite season, but looks like I might just have to change the notion πŸ˜€

To more Cosmopolitans and Green Apple Martinis tonight at the year-end party and hoping that regardless of the rescheduled review and the grumpy client, the rest of December is going to be great!


PS: Anyone know of a cocktail which is purple? :p


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  1. i didn't attend two such ceremonies, even though i had all the time in the world πŸ˜€

    you should watch band baaja baarat.. there's a song (i think aadha ishq) wherein a particular sequence is all yellow..

    and speaking of color in songs, there's another one.. from kabhi alvida na kehna (stupid movie) where each sequence is in a single color.. and of course, the song from sathiya where the color in each sequence is the same as that being sung.. and kal ho na ho song, where srk wears either black or white throughout (except when he's playing saif)

    ok. stupid comment end. πŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, I was stupid enough the attend one of the ceremonies, and I guess, its okay that i dint attend this one.

    And yes, regardless of the crappy people in the movie, I love the songs in that movie (Band Baaja Baarat)!

    Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna has 'Tumhi dekho naa' with the colour coded-ness – I quite like the song πŸ™‚

    And LOL to the 'stupid comment end'; almost looked like a html tag ending πŸ˜€

  3. Missed u da..and this after i called and thought u were coming 😐 but know wat it was strange there, and given another chance i wud have skipped it as well so its all good πŸ˜€ Happy degree to you too

    p.s. found ur blog after so long man, shall to hang on to it from now on

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