More Weekend Chronicles…

One of the more eventful weekends that I’ve spent in the past 7 months; more because these are the winters, and I have now sworn to not let my lack of mobility get in my way of meeting people and doing fun stuff!

Friday night was the year-end office party! At a venue which was falsely communicated to be ‘Turquoise Cottage’ in Adchini, Delhi and turned out to be a restaurant called ‘Days of the Raj’ situated above the actual TC! Nevertheless, after much contemplation and group internal emails, the party was themed ‘Jack Sparrow’ or just plain ol’ Pirates! Hence, hats with the skull and crossbones and eye patches were worn along with the company t-shirt (refer to previous post for reference) to ensure uniformity! Crazy music and Rum and Mojitos followed. The story is better told in pictures! So here goes…

With Soumya and Ambika!

PK, Sumika and Ambika 😀

Team Photo! Abhishek, PK, Sahil and me 🙂

Edelman Delhi!

Towards the end of the party, it was imperative to tell Naveen (Read: man-in-glass-cabin who decides on all manpower and money related functions of the office) that we must have these parties at least once a month and added that the alcohol needn’t always be on the house!

Not to forget the stop-over at a shady ice-cream outlet on the way back to Gurgaon. Nothing like ice-cream on a cold night!!


Saturday was the same old sleep-clean-TV-eat-sleep routine, just that this one was made exhilarating by Sahil Chopra who was to spend the night at the house after the party, but winters are most definitely not his season! The man couldn’t make himself get out of the blankets, for the entire day, and this was to be his ‘I’m-going- to –do-something-superfun’ weekend.

On a different tangent, am really glad that we got the house. It’s great for confused souls, family, friends and the most important thing – parties!!! 


Sunday! Shoita, Basu and Kayo visited, for a first look of the house and to pick me up for lunch at someplace called ‘Gunpowder’ in Hauz Khas village, Delhi. Making our reservation by a close call and mountaineering across around 6 flights of stairs, we finally got to ‘Gunpowder’ – an Andhra – speciality eat out with a view of the Hauz Khas Lake and lots of Sun and fresh air! Just the place you would want to be on a Sunday winter morning. Although I had never tasted anything from that part of the country and the additional coconut and curry leaves were never palatable, and being the Arian, I never experiment, this was a first!

Basu went into a frenzy ordering egg Kotthu porottas, mutton, and several dishes of tangy seafood, egg appam and buttermilk. Shoita added her own avial and steamed rice. The food was beyond brilliant and the quantity was sufficient and I will most definitely recommend this place to anyone who has a taste for South-Indian food! All that food needed settling down, and hence the walk around Hauz Khas Lake with its cackling ducks, the huge trees with sunlight boring down in beams was the most amazing place to sit and just slow down for a moment and breathe. Followed by a heavy house hunting session for Shoita and a drive back to Gurgaon, it was in short, the perfect day! Pictures follow..

With Sahil and Shoita, outside House Number 2683 😀

The ducks at Hauz Khas Lake

Shoita, Kayo and me 🙂

Basu, as usual, behind the camera!

The Green!

With the fuchsia HM which Basu thought I should buy!!


PS: We’re halfway through Tuesday already! Wooot! 😀