A Christmas Story

On Christmas day, I wanted to share a story that I came across a few days ago – and it moved me immensely.  Brought to popularity this year by Sainsbury’s, this advertisement was made in partnership with the Royal British Legion commemorating the events of the Christmas Day truce in 1914. It is especially poignant due to the fact that this year marks the centenary of the First World War  … Continue reading “A Christmas Story”

Winter Wonderland

It’s Christmas!  I might be one of the few people on the planet at their work desks today, but I will let nothing dampen the spirit! I’m going to listen to the Christmas radio, sing along loudly, walk down to the bakery for some plum cake and go back home to watch Home Alone 1, 2, 3 and then Love Actually – in that order! For now, unable to contain … Continue reading “Winter Wonderland”


Often I hear myself exclaiming aloud – “What would we do without Google”. Rather, what would we do, without the internet.  While in  India, I realised that I have the early symptoms of what is commonly known as ‘Online Shopping Addiction’. Flipkart was my best friend and I would spend quite chunk of my meagre salary on books, bags, laptop skins and the likes. I continued to remain rather envious of friends … Continue reading “O.S.A.”

Santa and the 80’s

The holiday spirit has set in at work. Our workstations now sport a mini Christmas tree, the reception and meeting rooms are alight. Last Friday the major action was around the office year-end party and Secret Santa. I was given a beautiful potted bamboo shoot plant and I had no idea all through the weekend who my Secret Santa was. Warming up to surprises as well, it seems 🙂 The … Continue reading “Santa and the 80’s”

Reel Christmas

The last month of 2011 has begun and it looks rather promising on the entertainment front! Although for most, in India, Christmas is not really a huge deal – we have our own set of elaborate festivities to deal with. I’ve never seen or been a part of authentic Christmas celebrations – the ornate trees, carols, the traditional meals consisting of roast turkey, served with roast potatoes, parsnips; not to … Continue reading “Reel Christmas”


Yes, I graduated. Although I did not get to wear the rented robes, or toss the hat with the tassels or even meet the people I spent two precious years atop a hill. It was a picture in mind that when I would finally post-graduate, the ceremony would be grander; it would all be a little more flashy and different. But I spent the Sunday at home, with the idiot … Continue reading “December”