Living in Colour

The organisation I work for professes a philosophy by the name of ‘Living in Colour’, the crux of which is to be able to maintain one’s work-life balance.

Increasingly, over the past few months I have noticed that I am the happiest when I am at work. There could be a variety of reasons as to why. For clarity and as I have always maintained that this is a forum where I more often than is normal, talk to myself. So here goes:

• I really like the ‘swanky’ new office. It has a glass façade and a lot of sunlight! Not to forget fancy graphics and orange couches

• There are two malls in a five-minute walking vicinity; hence everything from Dominos to Subway to Baskin Robbins is available with minimal waste of time (Or so we like to believe)!

• I really really (oh stop it spell check, I want to put in the two really’s) like the people around me. Don’t know if it’s appropriate to call them friends or colleagues; but over the days they have become this brilliant mixture of the two and it genuinely makes me happy to be around them
*Quick Note* Today’s lunch break was taken to Dominos, where suddenly random common names such as Ravi, Chander, Kishan, Lucky, Happy, Praveen, Yadav etc were being screamed out just to see if was actually someone’s name. Might sound a little retarded to those reading, but it had all of us in splits!
It is great to be in a place where there is no designation tug-of-war and you are comfortable to speak your mind and even when you make a mistake, it is pointed out to you gently, yet in a firm manner. It makes one automatically feels ownership towards the job, take responsibility for action, by oneself and ensure that you are never the reason for your team to be in a difficult place

• There is high speed internet availability at work, and we’re allowed to plug in earphones and work! So I have watched every bit of Vampire Diaries (Season II) and the new Pirates of the Caribbean IV trailer (several times)!! Also, I have my own favourites playlist in YouTube which is the collection of the most amazing music and without which my productivity would be drastically reduced. Mostly, after 6 in the evening, there is constant music being played at our bay, with Abhishek, PK and Sahil in a constant race of who would play the next song, so that’s when the earphones come off and the singing-along begins!

• There is an in-house stocked cafeteria (relatively new), which supplies us with chips, biscuits and Coke whenever required. Hunger is never a problem

• Apart from the team, almost everyone in the office is pretty nice and it is genuinely nice to be here

• Work is most often stuff people complain about, and I have done my hours. I have stayed back in office past midnight for several days. Not to say that it’s a piece of cake, but somehow it has been fun to even work late

• My work-space has been personalized. It has a bit of old-world Calcutta, a little Oman, snapshots of the places I really want to visit (Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Louvre and Eiffel Tower – once more) , a mini-poster of Jack Sparrow (to remind me of all the humour in the world), a pair of Manolos (an inspiration to lose weight) and posters of the some of my favourite movies and books (Finding Nemo, LOTR Trilogy, Angels & Demons, The Hobbit, An Inconvenient Truth) and a little piece of paper which reads “If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport”! In short, it can instantly cheer me up in times of need

There could be so many more things which I am sure I will add with the months to come. As it is often said that the industry is dynamic and things change every day; so tomorrow’s post might just be about how annoying certain aspects are but the day after there would be more reasons to why I love it here, at least on the most of the days!