On Stranger Tides

The fourth movie of my all time favourite Hollywood blockbuster series Pirates of The Caribbean released worldwide on May 20 and boy, was the world geared up for it. Beginning from the local newspaper supplements, interviews, advertisements to posters and social media platforms – looking at pictures of the notoriously charming Jack Sparrow (There should be a ‘Captain’ in there somewhere!) was such a delight! Elaborate were the plans to … Continue reading “On Stranger Tides”

Living in Colour

The organisation I work for professes a philosophy by the name of ‘Living in Colour’, the crux of which is to be able to maintain one’s work-life balance. Increasingly, over the past few months I have noticed that I am the happiest when I am at work. There could be a variety of reasons as to why. For clarity and as I have always maintained that this is a forum … Continue reading “Living in Colour”

More Weekend Chronicles…

One of the more eventful weekends that I’ve spent in the past 7 months; more because these are the winters, and I have now sworn to not let my lack of mobility get in my way of meeting people and doing fun stuff! Friday night was the year-end office party! At a venue which was falsely communicated to be ‘Turquoise Cottage’ in Adchini, Delhi and turned out to be a … Continue reading “More Weekend Chronicles…”