Climb Ev’ry Mountain

There comes a time where you’re on the brink of losing control, the edge of the cliff, a despicable wall of blankness in front of you.  And then, suddenly there is daybreak, a cool breeze, a respite.  Whoever said that new and exciting things were all about fun? They are much more about the fear of leaving behind the comfortable and stepping in to the unknown.  Me and a  lot … Continue reading “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”

The Nikaah.

Sisters are a blessing.  I imagine if I had one of my own, I’d never feel the need of a best friend.  As far as memory takes me, the word always made me think of Pooja. She’s my first cousin and I met her once a year while on summer holidays. Those memories will last me a lifetime.  Spending afternoons listening to the radio and giggling.  Devouring watermelon and pomegranate … Continue reading “The Nikaah.”

Adventure is out there!

I hate to interrupt the Europe series, but they take a while to write and I simply cannot contain the excitement of what was probably the most eventful weekend in the past year!  Most of my weekends are just two days where I do nothing according to routine, just to challenge the monotony of everyday (Read: Sleep late, wake up late, eat, read, sleep, watch series, eat and then go … Continue reading “Adventure is out there!”


Today, my colleague Abdullah shared a video with me – he’s a big fan of Australian television shows and often sends me quirky and funny things to brighten my day.  All of us know of John Lennon’s Imagine. But this will take it to a different level altogether. After you watch this, I promise you will never not think of Emmanuel Kelly, when you hear the following lines: “Imagine there’s … Continue reading “Imagine…”


” बगिया बगिया बालक भागे तितली फिर भी हाथ ना लागे इस पगले को कौन बताए ढूँढ रहा है जो तू जग में कोई जो पाए तो मन मे ही पाए “ *** Buddha speaks and Javed Akhtar reiterates.  It is impossible to be content if you have all the riches in the world but a troubled heart.  So that’s what we should strive for – to be calm, within.

One Day…

A toast. To the days when the roof was leaky. The midnight birthday revelries. To the horror that were exams. The peals of laughter at silly jokes at group study sessions. To the dreadful lack of nutrition. The small joys that chicken lollypops could bring. To missing family, but having friends around. The clouds floating through windows. To being angry with everything. The singing aloud while on trips. To not being able … Continue reading “One Day…”

The Korba Wedding.

The small wonders of life constantly surprise me.  I still smile thinking of how worried I was about moving to Delhi at the end of my post graduation. Little did I know that these would be some of the best years of my life.  Like I always maintain, the people matter most and this post is about one of the most amazing people who I came into close acquaintance with, during … Continue reading “The Korba Wedding.”


Yesterday I turned the last page on the ‘Life of Pi’ and realised that there’s much I wanted to say about it. I had heard of the book when it had become a rage, but I never really got around to reading it. Then I saw the trailer of the Ang Lee directorial, and was intrigued by the story – like I have discussed in a previous post. There was a whole … Continue reading “π”

Lucky Number Thirteen

So here we are.  At the end of another year. Recollecting how it whooshed past, making us older and wiser. At the brink of 2013, I cannot foresee what lies ahead, but I know that this year will be important – I will turn 26,  two dear friends will get married, several epic movies will release and I hope various other exciting things will happen. As is customary, it is time to … Continue reading “Lucky Number Thirteen”