Looking Back

This time last year, I was undertaking an elaborate year-end blog series and enumerating all things notable that happened. Today, however, I am one of the three people who are remaining in the office during the holiday season and needless to say that the work overload is a tad overwhelming. To add to all the fun, my annual flu bout has chosen this time of the year to visit – … Continue reading “Looking Back”

2013 | Resolution Rehash

This year was mostly a blur.  I know I say it almost every year, but this one was truly exceptional. Day after day, months ran past me – and it is already time to re-look at the goals-of-the-year and check things off the list (hopefully) and put down the highlights of the year! 2013 was satisfying. It had it lows, but the highs outweighed them in all regards. I set myself … Continue reading “2013 | Resolution Rehash”

Lucky Number Thirteen

So here we are.  At the end of another year. Recollecting how it whooshed past, making us older and wiser. At the brink of 2013, I cannot foresee what lies ahead, but I know that this year will be important – I will turn 26,  two dear friends will get married, several epic movies will release and I hope various other exciting things will happen. As is customary, it is time to … Continue reading “Lucky Number Thirteen”

Time Of Our Lives

To think of it, seems like only yesterday that I walked into the office of a rather unknown firm – a R & PM Edelman. I had never heard of them, not before I had begun organising internships for my public relations batch at college. By the end of the college year, in a whirl, I had interviewed with them, got selected and chose Gurgaon as a desired geography. Although … Continue reading “Time Of Our Lives”


It seems like only yesterday that I was home, in front of the television, wrapped in winter clothing with a hot pizza and an Absolut – celebrating the end of 2010 and bringing in 2011. The year has somehow flown past and it only recently struck me that I will no longer be able to upload pictures to the Facebook album ‘2011 – Part Deux’. I’m already facing problems with … Continue reading “Bienvenue!”


At the onset of the New Year, this space deserves a happy thought. Through the past few months, there have been several moments which I would love to rewind and play over and over again and quite a few which I would just like best to forget. So, here we are. At 2011, and inevitably, am recollecting some of the most important things which happened in the previous year: • … Continue reading “MXXI”

Nobo Borsho =)

And it is another year passed in the bengali calender. Shubho Nobo Borsho to all. Welcome to the year 1417. Today is a day to celebrate, back in West Bengal. New clothes are a must, not to forget the feet touching and money getting too =D So much food and mishti all around. Here in Muscat, it has always been the same. The annual ‘Bongiyo Parishad’ meet, with children being … Continue reading “Nobo Borsho =)”