April 15, 2010

Nobo Borsho =)

And it is another year passed in the bengali calender.

Shubho Nobo Borsho to all. Welcome to the year 1417.

Today is a day to celebrate, back in West Bengal. New clothes are a must, not to forget the feet touching and money getting too =D

So much food and mishti all around. Here in Muscat, it has always been the same. The annual ‘Bongiyo Parishad’ meet, with children being draped in little sarees and dhotis singing Rabindranasangeets and dancing to their tunes. Poetry, plays and quizzes would follow. Then would be that part which everyone was basically there for – the authentic Bengali Nobo Borsho dinner. From papad, to tomato chutney, to a multitude of sabzis and then an array of non vegetarian dishes – chicken, meat, prawn, fishes etcetera. Ending with mishti doi, roshogolla of course and a variety of Bengali sweets. Although, I never have enjoyed the Bengali cuisine too much (maybe owing to a Punjabi mother who cooks everything brilliantly), it is still amusing to see the happiness that non resident bengalis derive from the not-so-familiar sight of bengali food.

This year, we are not going. Baba is not here. An unfortunately timed Canton Fair in Hong Kong has ensured I miss around 7 precious days with him. So, Ma and me are going to spend time at home, doing all kinds of things that Baba forbids! Such as eat while watching TV, eat in the bedroom, I will leave the computer on all night to enable my downloads, leave the fans on in more than one room and as the days progress, I will post more of the banned things that we have tried =p

Since today is Nobo Borsho, Ma and me have decided to walk to the Krishna temple nearby and I think I will take my camera out, since it will be the nicest light to click in.

Hope this year is brilliant, peaceful and full of happy memories!


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