The Good Friday Weekend!

It all began with a phone call and an extended Good Friday vacation which I had presumed I would be spending on my own in the onset of summers. I had been complaining for a while of my lack of travel ever since I had moved to Gurgaon, not very far away from completing a year now. Not that opportunity did not come my way, but somehow none of them … Continue reading “The Good Friday Weekend!”

Dilli Diaries

Keeping true to at least one of my resolutions, have been braving the weekend afternoon laziness and stepping out over the past few weeks. The metro rides are now something I look forward to, the walks are getting longer, the winter clothes are being shed one after another, and I have perhaps begun to understand why some people are so fond of Delhi. It all began on a Friday while … Continue reading “Dilli Diaries”

Tourism Oman!

I have been going around Muscat, strange as it may seem, on whatever little public transport exists here. Taxis are now considered safe modes of travelling for short distances, and the orange and white cabbies also readily converse in broken English and Hindi,dependnig on their perception of your nationalilty. So this evening, it was Mutrah, or the Old Muscat Corniche – which was completely destroyed by Muscat’s own tropical cyclone … Continue reading “Tourism Oman!”

Shopping, shakes and Santino’s!

Had the nicest day today! Although Baba isn’t here and the house feels all empty and boring; but Ma, by herself can be super entertaining too! Had Rajasthani stuffed kachoris for lunch, with neembu paani and London Dairy ‘Pralines and Creme’ to follow… slurrp!!! Since it is Friday, and the neighbour wale uncle had chutti, they decided to go shopping, and Ma and me tagged along as well, with the … Continue reading “Shopping, shakes and Santino’s!”

Nobo Borsho =)

And it is another year passed in the bengali calender. Shubho Nobo Borsho to all. Welcome to the year 1417. Today is a day to celebrate, back in West Bengal. New clothes are a must, not to forget the feet touching and money getting too =D So much food and mishti all around. Here in Muscat, it has always been the same. The annual ‘Bongiyo Parishad’ meet, with children being … Continue reading “Nobo Borsho =)”