Terima Kasih, Bali

I hardly ever procrastinate when it comes to travelogues, but I guess this maddening summer and the backlog of television series have collectively contributed to the laziness. This year’s first step out was owed to a work trip to a part of the world that I haven’t been to since I was in my teens. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands and I was going to visit one of the … Continue reading “Terima Kasih, Bali”

From Italy, with love…

I remember the first time I tasted this little piece of Italian heaven. In a relatively new café known as ‘Sweet Chariot’ – way back in 2005; it felt so good, I almost assumed that there could be no way that one could possibly make it at home. During the recent trip to Italy, I got the parents to sample it and they loved it so much, that I thought … Continue reading “From Italy, with love…”

Delhi October

Getting started with the November project, I wanted the first post to be about something happy that I am thankful for. When I first heard that the Eid-ul-Adha holidays in Oman were going to be a week long (Yay for living in Oman – UAE only got three days 😛), my first reaction was to pledge that I wouldn’t stay in and mope about the lack of exciting things to … Continue reading “Delhi October”


Italy was the last country of our three-week long trip, and honestly, the bit that I was most excited about! Driving through the Brenner Pass, a mountain pass along the border between Italy and Austria we crossed numerous apple orchards and vineyards and began to spot the Italian part of the Alps in a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara sort of frame, where an endless stretch of road continued with grapes growing … Continue reading “L’Italia”

The American Sojourn!

So it has been a week that I returned from the States and I’m not even close to wearing off the jet lag. Now that I’m actually feeling more like myself, an account is necessary. So where shall I start… Reetika, Richa and I know each other from the time that we went to college at SCMS-UG – around the time that the iPod classic first generation was in vogue. Through … Continue reading “The American Sojourn!”

Pocket Confectionery

What does one do when a boring weekend is coming to an end, when there’s absolutely nothing to watch on TV and when your favourite football team was defeated 4-0 marking the end of a rather disappointing season? Bake. Of course.  I came across this recipe whilst Pinterest-ing and saved it, owing to the sheer simplicity that it promised. Can you thinking of mixing a few ingredients into your regular … Continue reading “Pocket Confectionery”

2 | 12: Twelve Epicurean Delights

Glorious food.  I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m not. Food is my panacea. Hence the immediate need to join a gymnasium.  I’ve experienced a lot of interesting cuisines this year. Here’s the roundup! Hummus. The original version. Essentially a Middle Eastern food dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Absolutely must-have accompaniment with fresh shawarma. Slurrrp. Panna cotta. … Continue reading “2 | 12: Twelve Epicurean Delights”

Crêperie, s’il vous plaît?

I am often told that I do not eat to live, but rather eat to live.  Food is my panacea.  For when I’m low, when I’m ecstatic, when I’m afraid, when boredom strikes, or even life seem hopeless! As I have already written before, one of my most favourite television shows is definitely the Master Chef series. I also take particular pride in my ‘Gourmandise’ board on Pinterest. Now, since … Continue reading “Crêperie, s’il vous plaît?”

Kolkataaa – You Sexy

No matter what the world thinks, to me Kolkata will always be one of the most beautiful and soulful places on the planet – maybe this connection has got to do something with being born on the soil. Parents’ annual India trip gave me the opportunity to visit early this year for a family reunion of sorts. # Had the most dramatic airport pick up in my life, yet! # … Continue reading “Kolkataaa – You Sexy”


Mumbai became one of the 2011 destinations this month as I travelled for one of my most mundane yet heavy revenue earning clients. I’ve never really warmed up to the city, yet I thought I should give it another chance. By the end of two nights, I was blessing the lord to be able to return to Gurgaon and my beautiful office. One might ask why – to be honest, … Continue reading “Bomb(s)-A(w)ay?”