Small joys don’t get better than mid-week holidays.
To be able to sleep in on a weekday 
To take a leisurely bath and let my hair dry in the Sun, and not with the angry blow dryer
To spend the afternoon not chained to the cubicle
I forgot to turn off the alarm last night, and I was woken up at 7 am as usual. In the midst of squinting at the sunshine that flows into my room and realising that my phone had switched off, I got thinking. 
About things that had happened in the past two weeks, and what lay ahead. 
Won’t you agree that life brings us to amusing crossroads?
Sometimes you’d just like to take a step back and analyse, but you are left breathless 
You just go with the flow, only to realise that you’ve missed your stop
But then again, adventure is in never in comfort
Most often I feel overwhelmed by some of these things and don’t know how to put them to paper, while they itch to get out. Which is why I make it a point to read what other people write, and there are instances when I come across something that I don’t think I could have ever written or said better. 
A couple of days ago, I came across this blog authored by a girl I hardly knew. She was a friend’s room mate and had accompanied us for a trip. Even during the trip, I wondered how she could be so quiet – she would sit silently, giggle at our jokes and gaze out occasionally. After the trip, we kept in touch – she was surprisingly fond of me, but we didn’t meet or do anything out of the ordinary – but she continued to intrigue me. 
When I read what she writes, it creates a sort of a parallel universe. – and I feel like I visited the places that she talks about.
In this world of all things material, these are my little treasures – for all what they are worth.