Imagine Dragons

I know several people who devote a substantial time of their lives to YouTube – watching the most diverse array of things. It really is a phenomenon. While I’m not among them, I scout for new music there at times. Click on random videos and sometimes discover some really stirring stuff. This Las Vegas group was among these chance discoveries. I was listening to some Snow Patrol favourites and one … Continue reading “Imagine Dragons”

Rapid fire!

Running a little low on self-fuelled inspiration, I’m taking up a NaBloPoMo prompt (Your cue to laugh at the acronym again – go ahead).  I picked this up from Milan’s blog – she’s also doing the thirty day challenge J Apparently, American talk show host James Lipton asks these ten questions on his show – Inside the Actors’ Studio – and I’m going to answer them with as little thought … Continue reading “Rapid fire!”

Do Kindness!

Yesterday was ‘World Kindness Day’ – something that I have frankly never heard of before. Have you? So when Rebecca, my colleague sent me a ‘Thank You’ email for several things including my ‘general niceness’, I couldn’t help but ponder about why we don’t do this more often. I think kindness is a very under-estimated and rather ignored virtue. I don’t hear people teaching their children to be kindhearted, neither … Continue reading “Do Kindness!”

A New Backpack

2013 has been so good to me Had to pack my bags every couple of months The travel folder in my Mailbox has been alive and kicking Almost exhausted myself writing travelogues I’ve had to fight opinions and advice about spending on travels. And this is exactly what I had to tell them. I’ve already got a couple of ideas for the next year: Buy a new backpack Meet some … Continue reading “A New Backpack”

Happiness Is…

I’m sure we’ve all been inundated by the ‘Happiness Is…’ posts on Facebook – little things that make people happy demonstrated by a cartoon representation.  While I didn’t associate with most because several of them were personally generated. For example: Happiness is… having confidence to take over the world. Not.  Trying to stay close to reality here, here are a couple of things that make me happy. Unconditionally happy.  So, … Continue reading “Happiness Is…”

Person Of Interest

Lately, I’ve been overdosing on television shows.  I used to be faithful to good old Criminal Minds, and flirt with Game of Thrones for a bit and then follow it up with Lie to Me, with a hint of Bones thrown in.  Now I’m all over the place.  Afraid to finish Criminal Minds and Bones, thinking what would happen once I got to the end, halfway through the first season … Continue reading “Person Of Interest”


Don’t trust so easy Don’t wait by the phone Don’t fall too fast Don’t tell people how you feel Don’t draw the curtains Don’t let go of reality Don’t play Secret Santa Don’t intrude Don’t dream and say ‘Maybe, this could be it’ Don’t play that song on loop Don’t read that message and smile to yourself Don’t nurse the hurt Don’t give yourself away Don’t even think about it.

Grown Ups

I’ve been thinking about growing up.  It was so much simpler in our time… Small joys and smaller expectations. Pagers and facsimile instead of cell phones and email.  Smaller rooms.  More affection.  Last night I was asked to go to one of those get-togethers that are organised by the cultural enthusiasts here. I’ve successfully avoided them for over a year and a half, but this time I was sent an … Continue reading “Grown Ups”

The Movies

Yesterday I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go out with my colleague, Abdullah. He lives by himself and drives to the UAE almost every weekend – and when he doesn’t – he asks if we would like to do something, but my laziness and driving guilt have always engulfed me.  So when we decided to watch Captain Phillips, I felt a positive oddness at the act of booking movie tickets … Continue reading “The Movies”