Go further, to get closer

I don’t usually indulge in blogging competitions and especially the sponsored sorts.  But this one is different. A combination of two passions – one a brand I loved, having worked with them in the past, and the other being the obvious – travel.  To understand BA’s new India campaign, you’ll have to watch this advert first: I had read somewhere that you never know a person until you travel with … Continue reading “Go further, to get closer”

Day 21# Yours Truly

It happens once in a while, that something that you happen to write seems to resonate with others and reflect a thought in the wholeness of the feeling. These are six posts which I have written in happiness, peace, anger, confusion or a concoction of all of the same. Whenever I read them, I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, on this platform. Keep Calm & Carry On – about … Continue reading “Day 21# Yours Truly”

Day 19# Blogroll

Ever since I was introduced to the world of blogging, I discovered a whole new world. Of people. Their experiences. Of the way people wrote. A look into what they were made of.  The reading list on Blogger.com has been increasing and being a part of these blogs has almost become a routine to me. I wouldn’t know what to do, if these people stopped writing.  These are my top five, … Continue reading “Day 19# Blogroll”

30 Days of June

Challenges are important. And God knows, I definitely need them. For almost a year now, I’ve started to grow into a person that I would have never associated with. And nobody knows better than me that things have to change soon.  Taking charge, in an attempt to spice things up, I’m taking the 30-day blog challenge. It might get overwhelming for me, and spam the feeds of the precious few … Continue reading “30 Days of June”


I feel downbeat when I think about why I didn’t join the blog-sphere earlier than I did. In the developing years, it seems to have been so much more fun. So many more people that one could meet through their blogs and several interesting things to talk about and engage with, in this medium. Recently, I was nominated for something called a Liebster Award by Anisha who writes Absolutely Not Sure. (I must … Continue reading “Liebster-ing!”

3 | 12: Twelve Favourite Blog Posts

The blog has increasingly become a very important part of who I am. Sometimes when I get to work, the first thing I do after opening Microsoft Outlook is log into Blogger.com to see whether there are new posts on my reader, and then I proceed to cheer myself with the fact that someone from Sweden visited The Orange Tree. Wonder what he/she was looking for. My blog is my … Continue reading “3 | 12: Twelve Favourite Blog Posts”