Whenever I was asked the casual “So, where are you from?” question, I found myself debating the answer in my head. Should I say Calcutta, where I was born? Or is it Oman, where I spent over two decades? Eventually, I always launch into a lengthy explanation which probably made the person asking the question immediately regret it! Ha. The beautiful, yet relatively undiscovered Sultanate I grew up in is … Continue reading “Ma’salama”

‘I love the whole world’

I remember having wanted a gigantic world map from since I was little… Have you heard the Discovery Channel ‘I love the whole world’ jingle? It was playing in my head all the time while we were putting up my new 6 feet tall world map, which was a present to myself from Etsy – all the way from Bulgaria. Now I spent most of the day in my room daydreaming and … Continue reading “‘I love the whole world’”


The weekend before last I was in Dubai and met friend/classmate/bench-partner Yukti after almost a decade.  And of course, we talked about school. I don’t remember having spoken about it in forever. There was never an opportunity to. Except when people asked – and the whole cycle of laughing at a school named ‘The Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir’ began. I don’t blame them 🙂 I consider myself one … Continue reading “I.S.W.K.”

Grown Ups

I’ve been thinking about growing up.  It was so much simpler in our time… Small joys and smaller expectations. Pagers and facsimile instead of cell phones and email.  Smaller rooms.  More affection.  Last night I was asked to go to one of those get-togethers that are organised by the cultural enthusiasts here. I’ve successfully avoided them for over a year and a half, but this time I was sent an … Continue reading “Grown Ups”

Day 18# Memories of Old

Today is about a story from my childhood.  Lets begin with saying that being a single child, most of my stories were around me and my parents. Nothing more. Sometimes, less. But what I want to share today is not really a story, has another character – and a setting that very few I know have had the privilege of growing up in.  The place I remember living in, from … Continue reading “Day 18# Memories of Old”